Last year, an outcry occurred in the Star Wars fandom. Hasbro released a Force Awakens Monoploy set with 4 figures – Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren and Finn. But where’s Rey? The protagonist of the film isn’t even included in the set?! According to AP, there were sets released later that year with Rey tokens in them. But not for the U.S.

AP reached out to the toy company giant and spoke with a spokeswoman for the company. She informed them that customers can call customer service to receive a Rey token, but due to “insufficient interest” in the U.S, the set was not released.

In early 2016, Hasbro updated the 2015 Star Wars: Monopoly game to add a Rey token. This product was sold to retailers in several markets around the world but is not available for sale in the U.S. due to insufficient interest. Retailers had ample inventory so they did not choose to sell the new version.

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But why should we have to call customer service in order to get a token? The token should’ve been there in the first place. Not only that, to say that retailers had “ample inventory” just sounds like hogwash to me. Pull the games if you must and release the set with Rey! Eighteen months and they still haven’t fulfilled their promise. Of course, I don’t want to see Finn pulled, but it doesn’t make sense to have the protagonist of the movie, in which the whole film is based around, not be included. Calling customer service is not enough. How are children or even parents going to know to call the company? That is unless they fall on articles like this.

Last year, we covered the event as it unfolded. And to see that after all this time, fans in the US still have to wait for Rey is ridiculous. May we remind Hasbro that The Force Awakens had the largest domestic box office ever?! The whole event started with a young girl questioning why our heroine wasn’t in the set and it’s still important. Sure, other Rey toys have been released. Rey is the life-blood of the new trilogy and inspiration to many young girls. For such an iconic game like Monopoly to throw her to the wind is just plain insulting and disappointing. Let’s hope their The Last Jedi set has Rey, or there’ll be hell to pay.

What do you think of their comments? Are you still waiting for a Rey token like I am? Let us know.

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