Did you catch the first new episode of Steven Universe since July, “Legs From Here to Homeworld”? It kicked off the “Diamond Days” arc of new episodes that culminates in the hour-long special, “Steven Universe: Battle of Heart and Mind,” on Cartoon Network January 21st. 

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All the network is saying of the special so far is that “Steven will work to overcome his biggest challenge yet.” “Steven Universe: Battle of Heart and Mind” will be the finale for Season 5, which began in 2017 with “Stuck Together.” (Can you believe that?)

Here are two pics from the finale to whet your whistle on. Aside from reassuring us that Connie will be there, what do they mean???

Steven_Universe_Episode_157_Battle of Heart and Mind 1

Steven_Universe_Episode_157_Battle of Heart and Mind 2

“Escapism,” the episode scheduled to air on January 7, will feature a new song by the same name by series creator Rebecca Sugar. Sugar debuted the track on the Steven Universe Podcast last year, and you can listen to it here:

Here’s a pic from “Escapism,” too. What are these cute little creatures? Are they friendly?


Tune in Mondays through January 21 to find out how Steven and the Crystal Gems will save the universe this time!

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Leona Laurie