We are just going to cut right to the chase and rip the band aid off. Variety broke the exclusive news today that Steven Spielberg will not be directing Indiana Jones 5. While the new director is not set in stone just yet, their sources are saying that James Mangold will be taking over the role. Spielberg will be staying on the project as a hands-on producer, but his involvement will stop there. This isn’t the first time Mangold has stepped in to take over a franchise. He directed the Logan film back in 2017 which went on to be a blockbuster hit.

Indiana Jones 5 has been traveling a rocky road since Disney officially announced it back in 2016. It was going to release July of 2019 but was pushed to July of 2020, to only be pushed again to July of 2021. It has been riddled with scheduling and script issues during pre-production. However, through everything, Harrision Ford is giving us hope that once everything is said and done, this film will be one to remember. I do agree with Variety though, I feel like we are not going to see the new film in 2021. At its earliest, we will get a 2022 release and that is fine with me.

Of all the franchises Spielberg helped build, Indiana Jones has been the one he has kept to himself. The franchise  is 39 years old and spans four major films and a tv series written by co-creator George Lucas and it doesn’t stop there. I am trying to stay on the positive side of this news. We can see some pros from his passing of the torch. A new director (hopefully Mangold) will bring a fresh take the series. He has proven that he can give a struggling series life again. This also might help the scheduling conflicts with shooting the film too. Spielberg has had a busy year and one can only imagine how that can affect filming.

Right now, Indiana Jones 5 is slated to release on July 9, 2021. Check back with us for more news!

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