Steven Moffat has been handling Doctor Who for a few years now, and with his guiding hand it’s become more successful than it’s ever been in it’s 51 year run. The strange thing is that there isn’t too many female directors or writers that want to be part of the show. There’s never really been any explanation why, but Moffat recently spoke up when he finally got Catherine Tregenna to write a couple episodes for the popular science fiction show.

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Zap2it spoke with Moffat about the big Torchwood writer joining the crew for the upcoming season, and how much of a big deal that is for the show.”Female directors and writers have a tendency to turn us down,” says Moffat. “There are fewer female directors and female writers — it’s a statistical fact — it’s shameful but it’s true. Most of the people who are desperate to do Doctor Who are men.” Apparently this wasn’t the first time that Tregenna was offered to write for Doctor Who, but it took them awhile to get her to sign on the dotted line.

Moffat has his own ideas as to why Tregenna wasn’t initially going to help contribute to Doctor Who, and why most other women tend to do the same thing. “There’s very much a culture of thinking about Doctor Who as a boys’ show,” said Moffat. “But I’m always going to conventions and looking at the fans and thinking there’s practically more girls than boys.” Perhaps the problem isn’t the fact that people perceive Doctor Who to be a boys show, but that a lot of the female companions in Moffat’s run are a bit blocky in execution, at times falling a bit too much into the damsel in distress role more than anything else. Maybe it does have something to do with what Moffat said, but at least we’ll be seeing a cool take on it from Tregenna in the upcoming season.

Do you agree with Moffat’s statements about women and Doctor Who? Why or why not? Voice your opinion in the comments below.

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