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We’ve seen the Black Panther on set this week and now it’s time to see some more behind the scenes shots of Marvel’s next big movie, Captain America: Civil War. There’s no Black Panther here. Instead, we’ve got a few different shots, none of which are action oriented or on camera.

First of all, we’ve got Chris Evans (Captain America) being very good chums with Daniel Bruhl, who plays the notorious Captain America villain, Baron Zemo, in the film. In fact, seeing them hug and laugh is a little strange, knowing just how bad the rivalry between these two actually is.

We’ve also got a picture of Scarlet Johannson (Black Widow) supposedly leaving the “United Nations” set, as well as Anthony Mackie and Emily VanCamp having a great time on set. Oh, and before you get excited that Chris Evans is suited up as Captain America, that pic is actually of his stunt double.

There are no real clues in any of these pictures to really tell us anything, but it’s still cool to see it all coming together.

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Found via Comic Book Movie.

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