The Late Show With Stephen Colbert has had some stellar programming. I love the fact that he showcases many different talents and expertise, everything from the arts to science which brings me to the coolest interview Colbert has ever done. His interview with astronaut Scott Kelly.

Scott Kelly will be spending almost an entire year in space. To date, the longest amount of time that anyone has been in space for a continuous period of time. It really is extraordinary thing that we can conduct an interview for entertainment from space!!!

 Kelly is also an amazing photographer so if you’re interested in anything that is beyond our Earth, follow him on Twitter. He posts some amazing photos and isn’t it lovely to to have a different perspective to glean from?

Day 304

Day 300

The First Flower Grown In Space

We are experiencing extraordinary times. Please follow Scott Kelly and all the other astronauts that are sharing their experiences from space. To witness something so magnificent and awesome via social media, is a magical thing. It’s a perspective that allows us to see that there is much more going on in the universe than just what we see on a day to day basis.

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