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Okay. So, wow. How about that Mid-season finale of CW’s Arrow , huh? Ra’s Al Ghul killing Oliver with a sword through the chest? Did not see that coming. And then falling off the cliff as if the gaping chest wound wasn’t enough? Wow. WOW. Great ending. Great cliffhanger to go out on.

But, you can’t have ARROW without the Arrow, can you?

Well, Stephen Amell has fan-made posted a picture on Facebook that neither confirms nor denies a possibility for how he’ll return — the Lazarus Pits — natural occurring pits that have magical healing properties, among them, resurrection, with a small side effect being temporary insanity and madness. Basically the DC universe’s answer to “the Fountain of Youth.” Ra’s Al Ghul uses them and has for hundreds of years, which would explain his comment in the episode where he said it’d been “76 years” since his last trial-by-death.


Mister Amell did not say that the Lazarus Pits were indeed being used by the show, he simply remarked “Clever fans.” Is that a “Oh, you’re so cute thinking that we did that” clever or a “I can’t believe you figured it all out” clever?

The show has shrugged off the supernatural for two seasons now, always opting to keep their stories all grounded, for instance, with Count Vertigo, they used a strong narcotic instead of anything else. But, with Flash doing as well as it is and the cross-over going as well as it did, the Producers have said they’re more open to more supernatural happenings now.

My guess? The writers/producers will let us believe Oliver is dead for the first three shows, have Roy Harper, Diggle and Black Canary fight in his stead, maybe start to take on Malcolm and Thea (since Oliver is no longer there to protect her) and then he’ll come back and scare everybody since they all assumed he was dead.

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