From the director of Zaschitniki (Guardians), Sarik Andreasyan, has another action movie waiting for release.  This time it’s a post apocalyptic tale with giant mechs, Station 88.  Sign me up, I’m in!

I wasn’t able to dig up much detail on this project, not even with google translate.  Right now it’s a bare bones teaser, no actors, no real information other than post apocalypse and giant robots.  Slated for a 2019 release, I imagine we will start getting more information in Spring of next year.  Once Guardians releases I’m sure more attention will be paid to Station 88.  Granted, we don’t even know if Guardians will be a good movie but, frankly, giant mechs is all it takes to get me into the theater.

I know the graphics aren’t up to par with what we are used to seeing, but that shouldn’t matter.  What should matter is if it’s a good story and if it entertains.  Getting a new perspective on old stories is always a bonus.  We are so used to seeing stories told from our American ideals, it’s refreshing to see something new.

Hundreds of years after a nuclear war, the last vestiges of humanity, separated into bitter factions, begin to collapse. One man stumbles upon never before seen technology that could be their last chance to find help, hope and a new home. He leads a small team on a do-or-die mission to the mythic Station 88, where they will have to survive a violent wasteland, swarms of radioactive creatures and each other.

Station 88 is due out in 2019.  No word on if it will be released internationally.

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