Earlier today, on a special episode of PlayStation State of Play, we got an in-depth look at one of the summer’s most anticipated titles: Ghost of Tsushima. From the developers at Sucker Punch Productions comes an open-world adventure game where you take on the role of Jin, the Ghost Samurai. Here’s our breakdown from what all we saw during this gameplay featurette.


One of the most stand-out elements of Ghost of Tsushima is how natural the gameplay blends in with the beautiful environment. When developing the title, the developers asked themselves, “How can we let the island guide YOU in the most thematic and immersive way possible?” The answer to this question is the Guiding Wind mechanic. At any time, you can summon the wind to lead you in the right direction of your next objective, story mission, or rare loot location. 

But the wind isn’t the only thing that can guide you to unique encounters. Smokestacks, odd-shaped trees, animals, and more may lead you to hidden missions and treasures in the game. Specifically, foxes will guide you to shrines across the island that provide unique character bonuses. It is undeniable that Sucker Punch Productions wanted to make gameplay simple and immersive in Ghost of Tsushima. 

In addition to walking and fast travel, players will also have access to a horse, which will allow for a speedier journey across the island. It will be crucial for you to collect raw materials and supplies out in the wild, in abandoned buildings, and more. There will be a ton to explore and discover on Tsushima, so prepare to let your spirit of exploration guide you on your adventures. 


Ghost of Tsushima (Sucker Punch Productions/ Playstation)


Next, we got our first in-depth look into the combat system of Ghost of Tsushima. One of the unique combat-options in the game is Stand-Off. This mechanic allows you to approach opponents and challenge them to battle. When Jin fights as a samurai, combat is precise, decisive, and deadly. Players will have the option to choose from a bow or trusty katana to deflect attacks and make powerful strikes against enemies. Likewise, not only will you have specific combat objectives, but you will also have the option to complete unique bonus objectives in battle as well. 

As the Ghost, Jin will utilize stealth over strength. Carefully use sound to distract enemies and deliver lethal stealth attacks. Along with distractions, prepare to deliver deadly strikes from above, use smoke bombs to stun enemies, and even kill an enemy with a quick kunai when discovered. The environment is your weapon as the Ghost, so prepare to use your enemies’ surroundings against them. The more you succeed as the Ghost, the more enemies will fear you. And that fear can be your greatest weapon. 

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Customization is vital in Ghost of Tsushima. Jin will have the option to equip a variety of armors that provide various mechanical advantages. It will be up to the player to choose the armor that best fits their particular playstyle. Like an armor set but wish it was in a different color? No problem! Collect enough dye flowers and you’ll be able to change the color of your favorite gear. As you play, you will also develop new skills and discover charms that will help you further strengthen and customize Jin’s skills.


Ghost of Tsushima (Sucker Punch Productions/ Playstation)

Game Features

The game features a lot of unique creative game elements for players to explore. In Photo Mode, creativity is at your fingertips. For example, you’ll have the option to change Jin’s emotion, camera depth, wind direction, the environment around you, and even the music if you want to create a breathtaking video instead! 

Sucker Punch Productions has also provided two unique ways to experience Ghost of Tsushima. At the beginning of the game, players will have the option to select either a Japanese voice track with English subtitles or an English voice track for the game. Likewise, there will be a black-and-white film grain mode players can activate that pays homage to traditional Samurai Cinema. This unique visual mode can turn your everyday gameplay experience into a cinematic experience. 


Ghost of Tsushima (Sucker Punch Productions/ Playstation)

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Ghost of Tsushima looks as thrilling as it is stunning. The gameplay, combat, customizations, and aesthetics all beautifully combine to create a unique gaming experience. For me, this game just became my most anticipated release of the Summer. Ghost of Tsushima will be available on July 17, 2020 for the PlayStation 4.

Check out the full PlayStation State of Play livestream of Ghost of Tsushima below:



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