Welcome to 2018 gamers, geeks, and nerds! It was a fairly long 2017 (I felt all 365 days of it), but it looks like 2018 will be a fantastic year for game releases and general gaming news.

Unsurprisingly, we’re seeing a ton of Steam releases, but very little AAA titles for consoles this month. This is not a definitive list, but I did try to list as many big releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam titles as possible. If anything is missing, just drop me a line on Twitter.

There are going to be a couple of missing titles, most notably Ni no Kuni II, which has been delayed to March. Hopefully that will be the last delay for that game. I know a lot of people who need to get their hands on it.

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Let’s get to it. Here are you January releases:

January 1
  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III (Xbox One)
  • BlockShip Wars: Roguelike (Steam)
  • Carnage in Space: Ignition (Steam)
  • Don’t Get Hit in the Face (Steam)
  • Auto-Staccato (Steam)
  • Playerunkn4wn: Zombie (Steam)
  • Xmas Zombie Rampage 2 (Steam)
  • Boomer Rampage (Steam)
  • Vaporwave Simulator (Steam)
  • Cross of Auria (Steam)
  • Hinterhalt (Steam)
  • Ender Story: Chapter 1 (Steam)
  • PearsAndGrayWitch (Steam)
  • SCP-087: Recovered Document (Steam)
  • TileDynasty FPS Arena (Steam)
January 2
  • Candleman: The Complete Journey (Xbox One)
  • Fallen Mage (Steam)
  • Nark the Dragon (Steam)
  • Christmas Tale: Visual Novel (Steam)
  • Witchball (Steam)
  • Close the Window! (Steam)
  • NeoBalls (Steam)
  • High School Simulator (Steam)
  • Comit the Astrodian 3 (Steam)
  • VR Furballs: Demolition (Steam)
  • Frozen Drift Race (Steam)
  • LINCH (Steam)
  • Trireme Commander (Steam)
January 3
  • Outbreak: The New Nightmare (Xbox One)
  • Flappy Arms (Steam)
  • Dead Mist: Last Stand (Steam)
  • Kitty Hawk (Steam)
  • The First Thrust of God (Steam)
  • The Warrior of Treasures (Steam)
January 4
  • Snail Trek – Chapter 3: Lettuce Be (Steam)
  • Battle Royale Trainer (Steam)
  • Race (Steam)
  • Kebab it Up! (Steam)
  • Army of Tentacles: (Not) A Cthulhu Dating Sim: Black GOAT of the Woods Edition (Steam)
  • Last Berserker: Endless War (Steam)
  • Bravium (Steam)
  • Violent Sol Worlds (Steam)
  • Russian Roads (Steam)
  • Lost Summoner Kitty (Steam)
  • LOGistICAL: South Africa (Steam)
  • LOGistICAL: Russia (Steam)
  • LOGistICAL: Brazil (Steam)

January 5
  • Aiso (Steam)
  • Hello Charlotte: Childhood’s End (Steam)
  • Beach Rules (Steam)
  • Dark Noid (Steam)
  • Cassandra’s Fabulous Foray (Steam)
  • SnakEscape: Plus DLC (Steam)
  • Business Clicker (Steam)
  • JuVentures (Steam)
  • Fantasy Defense (Steam)
  • Animals Memory: Dinosaurs (Steam)
  • Colony on Mars (Steam)
  • My Little Bomb (Steam)
  • Fallen Legion+ (Steam)
  • Mind the Vikings (Steam)
  • KARTOFELKA (Steam)
  • RC Fun City (Steam)
  • Lock Parsing (Steam)
  • Battlemage Training (Steam)
January 6
  • Dodge (Steam)
January 7
  • Blade Runner 9732 (Steam)
January 8
  • Bankster (Steam)
  • FEN: Prologue (Steam)
  • Medieval Real Estate (Steam)
  • Bubblien Pop (Steam)
  • DynamixVR – D.R.I.L.L. (Steam)
  • The Evil Party (Steam)
  • Hitori (Steam)
  • Sky is Arrows (Steam)
  • Math RTS (Steam)
  • Flipped On (Steam)
  • Quirky Crook (Steam)
January 9
  • Albert & Otto (Xbox One)
  • Memento of Spring (Steam)
  • Hangover (Steam)
  • Light in the Dark (Steam)
  • Cally’s Caves 4 (Steam)
  • Beach Restaurant (Steam)
  • Royal Tumble (Steam)
January 10
  • Entertainment Hero (Steam)
  • Westard (Steam)
  • Animals Memory: Birds (Steam)
  • Among the Dead (Steam)
  • Golf Extreme (Steam)
  • Uptasia (Steam)
  • A Raven Monologue (Steam)
  • Banyu Lintar Angin – Little Storm (Steam)
  • Deck Casters (Steam)
  • Hero Plus (Steam)
  • Paradise Lost: FPS Cosmic Horror Game (Steam)
January 11
  • The Escapists 2 (Nintendo Switch)
  • DYING: Reborn (Steam)
  • ZoneDriver (Steam)
  • Nekomew’s Potty Trouble (Steam)
  • aMaze Untouchable (Steam)
  • Galactic Battles (Steam)
  • Sit on Bottle (Steam)
  • Only One (Steam)
  • Labirinto (Steam)
  • Rusty Lake Paradise (Steam)
  • Till the dawn, waiting (Steam)
  • Abasralsa (Steam)
  • Heads Run (Steam)
  • LOGistICAL: USA – Wisconsin (Steam)
January 12
  • Sink or Skim (Steam)
  • Eselmir and the Five Magical Gifts (Steam)
  • COSMONAUT (Steam)
  • We Walked in Darkness (Steam)
  • Snares of Ruin (Steam)
  • JUMP STOP (Steam)
  • Kamikazo VR (Steam)
  • Knights Hunt (Steam)
  • Captured King (Steam)
  • TheNightfall (Steam)
  • Mortal Manor (Steam)
  • SAWKOBAN (Steam)
  • Internal Light VR (Steam)
  • Animals Memory: Underwater Kingdom (Steam)
  • Sea Dogs (Steam)
  • A Collection of Bad Moments (Steam)
  • Choose Wisely (Steam)
  • Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest – Episode 1 (Steam)
  • Talk to Saki (Steam)
  • Heroes of Arzar (Steam)
  • SuperTrucks Offroad (Steam)
  • !4RC4NO1D! (Steam)
  • Creatio Ex Nihilo: Aition (Steam)
  • Super Star Panda (Steam)
January 13
  • Stickman Race Draw (Steam)
January 15
  • Light Tracer (Steam)
  • Harts (Steam)
  • Stunt Corgi VR (Steam)
  • Coaster (Steam)
  • hOSHIs Elektronauts (Steam)
  • Alien Invaders from the Planet Plorth (Steam)
  • Realm of the Ghost King (Steam)
  • Zeppelin VR (Steam)
  • Civil Warfare: Another Bullet In The War (Steam)
January 16
  • Street Fighter V Arcade Edition (PlayStation 4, Steam)
  • Beholder (PlayStation 4)
  • InnerSpace (PlayStation 4)
  • AO Tennis (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
  • Railway Empire (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
  • Progeny VR (Steam)
  • A Walk Along the Wall (Steam)
  • Legends of the Universe – Cosmic Bounty (Steam)
  • Shield Impact (Steam)
  • Unleash (Steam)
  • Piwall (Steam)
  • Stickman Jetpack (Steam)
  • Space Wars: Darth Star (Steam)
  • Paradox Wrench (Steam)
  • Midnight Quest (Steam)
  • Zombie City (Steam)
  • Cubians: Rescue Princess (Steam)
  • Solace Crafting (Steam)
  • Trash Squad (Steam)
  • Anamorphine (Steam)
January 17
  • Full Metal Furies (Steam)
  • Super Steampunk Pinball 2D (Steam)
  • Meanwhile: An Interactive Comic Book (Steam)
  • Animals Memory: Dogs (Steam)
January 18
  • Gintama Rumble (PlayStation 4)
  • World to the West (Nintendo Switch)
  • Transports (Steam)
  • Witch Sword (Steam)
  • Launch Party (Steam)
  • Scrap Attack VR (Steam)
  • Harvester of Dreams: Episode 1 (Steam)
  • Archers (Steam)
  • Nantucket (Steam)
  • Ecopoiesis (Steam)
  • ERROR: Human Not Found (Steam)
  • Cicadas (Steam)
January 19
  • Death Mark (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch)
  • Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory (PlayStation 4, PS Vita)
  • Beholder (Xbox One)
  • Kirby’s Battle Royale (Nintendo 3DS)
  • Pipe Push Paradise (Steam)
  • Final Prophet (Steam)
  • Midnightland (Steam)
  • The Dummy Experiment (Steam)
  • Tunnels of Despair (Steam)
  • Puzzle With Your Friends (Steam)
  • Rhythm World – Master Project (Steam)
  • King of the Eggs (Steam)
  • Stage Fright (Steam)
  • Return of Red Riding Hood Enhanced Edition (Steam)
  • Infinos Gaiden (Steam)
  • Shoot m’ Up (Steam)
January 22
  • Ripped Pants at Work (Steam)
  • Hidden Dragon: Legend (Steam)
  • All Contact Lost (Steam)
  • Goblin Gearshop (Steam)

January 23
  • Lost Sphear (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam)
  • The Impatient (Steam)
  • Iconoclasts (PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Steam)
  • Staxel (Steam)
  • WOAHDS! (Steam)
  • Season’s Beatings (Steam)
  • Super Slime Arena (Steam)
  • Prana (Steam)
  • My Time At Portia (Steam)
  • Unveloped (Steam)
January 24
  • Legrand Legacy (Steam)
  • Hanger World (Steam)
January 25
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ (Steam)
  • Luvocious (Steam)
  • The Mind’s Eclipse (Steam)
  • Werewolf Life (Steam)
  • Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands (Steam)
January 26
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
  • Monster Hunter: World (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)
  • Railway Empire (Steam)
  • Nazi Elimination (Steam)
  • Hollow Throne (Steam)
  • TRÁFICO (Steam)
  • McRogue (Steam)
  • Frontier Pilot Simulator (Steam)
  • Opus 1 – Social Justice War (Steam)
January 29
  • SURV1V3 (Steam)
  • Escape (Steam)
  • Mike was Cursed (Steam)
January 30
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (PlayStation 4)
  • Cold Iron (Steam)
  • Data Thief (Steam)
  • Supposedly Wonderful Future (Steam)
  • The Executioner: Prologue (Steam)
  • Goodnight [Visual Novel] (Steam)
January 31
  • Trailmakers (Steam)
  • Red Flu (Steam)
  • Shape of American: Episode One (Steam)
  • Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess (Steam)
  • West of Red (Steam)
  • Strange Night II (Steam)
  • Ancient Code VR (The Fantasy Egypt Journey)(Steam)
  • Algo Bot (Steam)
  • DARKROOM (Steam)
  • Planetes (Steam)
  • Fatal Twelve (Steam)
  • The Station (Steam)
  • 900 (Steam)

Despite all the spectacular indie titles coming out this month, I am really excited for Lost Sphear and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Having played I am Setsuna, I know what Toyko RPG Factory is capable of. I appreciate their dedication to the “old” JRPG style that I feel in love with back in the 90s. Their games are visually stunning, with a complimentary soundtrack that pulls you into their world. I look forward to going on that journey  

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is another title I am eager to play. I am not much into fighter games, but if you give me the opportunity to create a team featuring my favorite Final Fantasy characters, then I am sold. While I may not play a ton of this game, just the thought of getting Kain Highwind, Kefka, and Cloud together in a group gets me giddy.

On the flipside, one game that I will wholeheartedly avoid is Till the Dawn, Waiting. This is not because of the gameplay, the graphics, or UI, but purely because it centers on a lonely dog who has been abandoned by his owners during a hurricane. If you lack tear ducts then you should check it out because of its important message, but if you are susceptible to onions and/or waves of feels, then engage at your own risk.

How do you feel about the game selection this month? Any titles you’re excited for? Let me know!

[Screenshots courtesy of Steam, Spotlightor Interactive, Square Enix, Tokyo RPG Factory, YummyYummyTummy, VDO Games, Studio Roqovan, Inc., Picaresque Studio]


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