Holy bejesus! We just got a new TV spot for The Last Jedi that played during The World Series and it’s incredible. There is SO much new footage in this 45 second spot that I may need to fan myself a bit. While some of the images are the same, we got to see Snoke’s throne room, Rey enraged while training and Luke on the Millennium Falcon!

The opening shows us flashes of images. We see a hooded figure passing through the Millennium Falcon then see that it’s Luke! He stands in the cockpit as all the lights turn on in his presence. He’s clearly absorbing all the memories he’s had on that famous ship. We also see Kylo gripping his lightsaber tightly before cutting to Snoke’s throne room.

Snoke says “Darkness rises…and light to meet it” while we look at his opulent red and black throne room. General Hux stands before him and his Praetorian Guards surround him on either side. In case you were wondering, yes, Snoke is still huge. Just not as big as his hologram. The line seems to imply that either Kylo is rising in darkness and Rey will meet him with the light. Or Rey is becoming darker with her light side still there. We cut to Rey angrily swinging her lightsaber around with Luke in the background, implying that the line refers to the latter. The darkness is awakening in her…

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We also see the Millennium Falcon fighting on the surface of Crait and a new shot of Finn piloting one of the Resistance ships on Crait as well. We get a new shot of Leia as she’s commanding her ship, cutting to the Falcon breaking to the surface of Crait from the mines below. Rey then raises her lightsaber intimidatingly while gritting her teeth in anger in the rain.

I have so many questions. But mostly I’m just really excited to see this clip! I can’t believe we got so much new footage. Granted, it’s a very small amount, mostly seconds of footage. But I’ll take whatever I can get! I also can’t believe they showed us Luke on the Falcon and Snoke’s throne room. This is making the wait EVEN HARDER. 43 more days! 

What do you think of the spot? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Star Wars news. The Last Jedi comes to theaters on December 15th.