Spoiler warning! We are going to be giving you all the spoilers for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 8, “Together Again,” so if you’re not caught up with the show, stop reading, get on Disney+, and enjoy.

The Story So Far…

Last week on The Clone Wars, Ahsoka, Trace, and Rafa attempted to escape the prison on Oba Diah. The escape led the trio on a wild chase through the city with Pyke Guards close on their heels. Narrowly escaping a few close calls, Rafa and Trace are finally captured. Ahsoka attempts to free them, only be captured herself and the trio lands back in the same cell they started in. High above the city, the Mandalorian leader Bo-Katan and her fellow Mandalorian, Ursa Wren, observed the events from afar.

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“You can change who you are, but you cannot run from yourself”

Now back at the cell, Trace, Rafa, and Ahsoka spitball ideas on how to escape. Ahsoka wants to take a logically approach, but Rafa still wants to blame Ahsoka and her influence on Trace for their current predicament. It’s obvious that Rafa feels a little bit betrayed by her sister, especially now that Trace and Ahsoka have become so close. Before they can get into it, Ahsoka comes up with a plan. Rafa doesn’t want to trust Ahsoka on this, but there are no other options. Just then the Pyke Guards come and take them away.

Standing before Marg Krim, he gives Rafa a choice: either give him his spice or watch Trace and Ahsoka die. Ahsoka steps forward and tries to broker a deal with Krig by claiming that the Martez sisters have hidden the spice. Ahsoka suggests that Krim give them one rotation to get the spice and come back and if they don’t, she’ll tell Krim where their family lives. It’s a convincing ploy, and Rafa picks up on it quickly. Krim agrees to the terms and lets the Martez sisters go while Ahsoka is taken away.

The Clone Wars: Ahsoka, Trace, and Rafa

Ahsoka, Trace, and Rafa play the blame game. (Lucasfilm/Disney)

A Matter of Life and Death

Alone in Krim’s chamber, Fife, his majordomo, knows that this is just another deception. Krim knows it as well, but he is left with no choice; his life is on the line just as the other’s are. Fife wonders if “he” knows about it, and while we don’t know who “he” is, Krim is certain that this mystery “he” already does. All he wants is for the spice to be returned to him.  

The Martez sisters are escorted back to the Silver Angel. As their ships takes off, we see the three Mandalorians standing on another platform. Ursa Wren notes that Ahsoka isn’t with Trace and Rafa. Bo-Katan wants to keep an eye on the Citadel and Ahsoka.

Back in her cell, Ahsoka uses the Force to open the cell door and makes her escape. Cutting away to the sisters, Trace doesn’t understand what Ahsoka was doing, but Rafa knows exactly what happened. Rafa is moved by Ahsoka’s sacrifice, especially for them. But Rafa isn’t going to let Ahsoka have an opportunity to keeps this over their heads. She’s going to rescue Ahsoka…by delivering the spice.

Ahsoka sneaks her way through the Citadel and finds herself in a large production plant. She makes her way through the plant and enters a bomb storage room. Figuring she could do some good, she grabs a belt of detonators and the trigger.

The Clone Wars: Bo-Katan

Bo-Katan watches the Martez sisters from a distance. (Lucasfilm/Disney)

The Heist

Rafa’s plan is to steal spice from the Pykes so they can trade it for Ahsoka. Trace isn’t convinced that the plan will work, but if there’s one thing that Rafa can do well it’s fast-talking trickery. Once they’re off the ship, Rafa starts doing the talk, convincing the Toong workers that she’s there for a special shipment. Unsure of what to do, the workers to start loading her ship.

Back at the Citadel, Ahsoka makes her way through the Pyke facility, laying denotators on some of the machinery. She suddenly hears Marg Krim talking with a mysterious, cloaked figure using a holoprojector. Krim is explaining his situation, and the cloaked figure starts to speak…revealing himself as Maul. Maul admonishes Marg Krim and for a moment Maul seems to sense Ahsoka. Luckily, she ducks away before Maul can spot her. Here we find out some key information: Krim is working Maul, and Maul is the leader of Crimson Dawn (yes, that Crimson Dawn from Solo: A Star Wars Story). The call ends, and Krim is told that Ahsoka has escaped.

As Krim and his group leave the facility, Ahsoka sneaks into the main command center. There she finds the communication logs and discovers that Maul as calling in from Mandalore. Confused, she fails to sense that the Pykes have come back. Fighting off a few of them, she makes a worthy effort to escape, but the Guards are too many. They stun her and take her back to the prison facility.

The Clone Wars: Maul

Maul reveals himself as the leader of Crimson Dawn. (Lucasfilm/Disney)

It All Comes Together

With the last containers of spice safely aboard the Silver Angel, the lead Toong worker confronts Rafa about her supposed “special shipment.” Rafa still plays it off and tells the Toong to find his manager, hoping that it will give them enough time to get on their ship and take off. Unfortunately, the worker has already brought his manager: an angry, towering Trandoshan.

Rafa and the Trandoshan get into a scuffle, while Trace holds back the Toongs. The Trandoshan is a formidable opponent, but Rafa does her best to fight him off. Soon Rafa and the manager find themselves on an elevated platform with Trace down below.  Rafa is close to falling off the platform, but she quickly climbs up and unhooks the platform from the crane. The Trandoshan falls far down below.

Just as she’s about to be executed, Trace and Rafa make their way back, with the good news about the retrieved spice. Krim assumes that they all working for the Jedi, a secret that’s not out of the bag. The sisters are shocked and a little let down that Ahsoka never came clean with them. But she had her reasons. Fortunately for them, the bombs that Ahsoka had activated begin to blow up, taking out a sizable amount of the Citadel. In the chaos, they escape.

Jumping into the Silver Angel, they make their escape with Pyke ships close behind them. They weave their way out of it, with Trace displaying some great, instinctive flying skills. Ahsoka guns, while Trace flies, and they soon shake off the Pyke Ships.

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They successfully escape and make their way to Coruscant. However, they don’t notice the Mandalorian ship tailing them.

Landing back at Level 1313, Ahsoka believes that the sisters are safe since the Pykes now believe they are all working for the Jedi. Rafa assumes that Ahsoka is going to arrest her, but Ahsoka is adamant that she’s not a Jedi anymore. Rafa admits that while she might not like the Jedi, Ahsoka is the epitome of what a Jedi should be. Just then, Bo-Katana shows up and recruits Ahsoka to help take down Maul. Ahsoka is hesitant to joint them, but Rafa and Trace convince her to help the Mandalorians. Ahsoka is afraid that is she goes down this path it will lead her back to the Jedi. Rafa believes that this is what she is meant to do, and Ahsoka accepts it.

Boarding the Mandalorian ship, Ahsoka says her goodbyes to the Martez sisters.

The Clone Wars: Ahsoka says goodbye

Ahsoka says goodbye to the Martez sisters. (Lucasfilm/Disney)


So ends the Martez Sisters arc and the beginning of the end of The Clone Wars. This episode sets up the Siege of Mandalore story, and ultimately, Order 66. This is expected to span the rest of the episodes until the series finale and I cannot wait to see what happens (I mean, we know what happens, but to see it will be something special).

Now that the Mandalorians are going after Maul, can we sit back and appreciate that clean Solo tie-in to this episode? This is peak Maul time as the leader of the Crimson Dawn. And as we remember from Solo, he’s been in charge of this group for a long time. Just how far Maul’s reach goes, who knows, but I want to know how he falls from leader of the Crimson Dawn to the old, bitter man we see in Rebels. I’ll need to read up on it.

This was a good arc for Ahsoka. As it was said previously, these experiences are what’s shaping her to what we see in Star Wars Rebels. And from that series, we know that she doesn’t return to the Jedi but she keeps to the Jedi ways. It’ll be good to see her reunite with Anakin, Captain Rex, and the rest, but I want to know what happens when she does.

Next week starts the final story for The Clone Wars. Many people have been waiting of this moment, and I’m waiting for the Maul vs Ahsoka showdown. In Episode 9, “Old Friends Not Forgotten” we can expect to see familiar Clone and Jedi faces.

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