Last week on Star Wars: The Bad Batch, we learned about the backstory for one of the most iconic Star Wars characters: Hera Syndulla. Be sure to catch the thrilling episode before reading this recap, because we will be covering every nail-biting SPOILER.

Still here? Then get ready to send a hologram for help. The Bad Batch is doing a prison break!

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With Cham Syndulla’s popularity becoming a threat to the Galactic Empire, Rampart made his move to arrest Cham and his supporters.

In the Ryloth capital of Lessu, Vice Admiral Rampart (Noshir Dalal) and Captain Howzer (as with all clone troopers, played by Dee Bradley Baker) visit the captive Twi’lek insurgents: Cham Syndulla (Robin Atkin Downes), Eleni Syndulla (Ferelith Young) and Eleni’s brother Gobi Glie (Corey Burton).

Rampart mocks how the “Liberator of Ryloth” will now be executed as a traitor and an assassin. Cham insists that the Twi’leks won’t believe Imperial lies, so Rampart threatens the safety of his daughter, Hera.

Rampart orders Howzer and the other clone troopers to arrest all of Cham Syndulla’s supporters. Howzer counters that not all of Cham’s supporters are military guerrillas. The Empire has no legal basis to arrest all of them.

The Imperial occupation of Ryloth intensifies.

Having framed Cham Syndulla for the assassination of Senator Orn Free Taa, the Imperial clone troopers move quickly to secure their control over Ryloth.

Rampart insists that support for the man who shot an Imperial Senator is cause enough. Howzer remarks that the shot that killed Taa couldn’t have come from Cham’s fighters. “Leave the thinking to me, Captain,” Rampart warns.

Hera Syndulla (Vanessa Marshall) is scouting out her family’s estate. Crosshair and Elite Squad scour the estate. Hera comms Chopper. They need to send a transmission…

Aboard the Havoc Marauder, the Bad Batch and Omega (Michelle Ang) receive Hera’s call for help, along with coordinates for a rendezvous.

Hera Syndulla asks the Bad Batch to rescue her parents on Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

“Help me, Bad Batch. You’re my only hope…”

Hunter scolds Omega for sharing the Bad Batch’s comm channel. Omega insists Hera would only contact them if it was an emergency. Hunter tries to explain that they can’t risk their lives every time someone asks for help. Omega counters that is what soldiers do.

The Bad Batch arrive at Gobi’s secret landing pad. Hera introduces herself and shares that this was Cham Syndulla’s command outpost during the Clone Wars.

The Empire is targeting anyone loyal to Cham. Hera wants the Bad Batch to free her parents from the Twi’lek Clan Council building in the capital. A cautious Hunter makes no promises, though he agrees to scout Lessu and assess their situation.

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In Lessu, Vice Admiral Rampart lies to the Twi’leks in a public address. Claiming that Taa survived his assassination and the Senator will make a full recovery, the Imperial officer maneuvers himself in a position to rule in the absent Taa’s name.

On a mesa overlooking the capital city, Chopper rebroadcasts the address as the Bad Batch scout with macrobinoculars. Omega spots Crosshair. The squad discusses how grim their chances look.

Even if Elite Squad wasn’t on Ryloth, Lessu’s laser bridge is turned off. The Bad Batch can’t approach on foot. The city’s scanners make blasting in with the Havoc Marauder unrealistic. And with a military presence comparable to that on Raxus Secundus, the possibility of a successful rescue is almost nonexistent.

Hunter then spots and disables an Imperial probe droid. Knowing their position and identities were likely reported to Crosshair and the Imperials, the Bad Batch needs to move quickly.

Hunter wants to leave Ryloth immediately before the Imperials find the hidden landing pad. Hera pleads and offers to pay double, but Hunter isn’t willing to risk his squad.

Though Omega protests, Hunter points out that with increased patrols and Crosshair now expecting the Bad Batch, there’s no winning strategy Omega could come up with. She argues that Hera is trying to save her family. Omega would do the same for her brothers.

Back in Lessu, Rampart complains that not all of Syndulla’s supporters have been rounded up. Howzer argues that any further arrests will incite an uprising among the Twi’leks. Rampart brushes off his concerns, stating that any who participate in an uprising will be similarly arrested.

Crosshair reports that Clone Force 99 is on Ryloth. An unconcerned Rampart notes that there is an entire battalion guarding the Twi’lek Clan Council building alone. Crosshair argues that won’t be enough, but Rampart suggests that Crosshair should focus on finding Hera.

At the hidden landing pad, Omega urges Hera not to give up. Omega encourages Hera to come up with a strategy: she knows her homeworld better than the Bad Batch ever could.

In Lessu, Howzer pleads with Cham to tell the clone where Hera is. Howzer promises to protect Hera from Rampart and Elite Squad. Cham notes that Howzer also promised to protect Ryloth. Cham won’t make that mistake again.

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Hera reveals her plan to the Bad Batch: attack the Imperial doonium refinery as a distraction. Hera spied on the refinery for Uncle Gobi. She knows if the Bad Batch attacked the refinery, troopers from the capital city would be diverted to the refinery.

The five Imperial turbolasers are unmanned autocannons. Autocannons are extremely vulnerable to hacking, so Chopper can sneak past the main gate and disable the turrets.

Hunter agrees to the plan. Chopper will disable the turrets, with Omega and Hera observing from a distance. Once the turrets are down, Tech and Wrecker will use the Havoc Marauder to attack the refinery. At the same time, Hunter and Echo will be scaling the cliff walls up to Lessu, where the duo will free Hera’s parents.

At first, the plan is going well. Chopper successfully sneaks in with the other refinery work droids. Unfortunately, Chopper is unable to disable the turrets at the main computer console. Two clone troopers spot Chopper and realize he doesn’t belong there.

As they begin to escort Chopper away, Hera realizes that she and Omega need to act! Omega decides that instead of hacking the console, they could destroy it instead.

Hera and Omega sneak aboard and hijack a Nu-class attack shuttle. As Hera struggles to learn the controls, Chopper uses the distraction as an opportunity to incapacitate his captors. As Chopper hops aboard the shuttle, Hera destroys the computer server building.

Chopper shocks clone troopers at the Imperial doonium refinery.

When their planned infiltration fails, Hera steals an Imperial shuttle and Chopper electrocutes the clone troopers.

With the cannons down, Tech maneuvers the Havoc Marauder in. Wrecker blasts away at the Imperial turrets and vehicles, as the clone troopers call for reinforcements.

The Havoc Marauder attacks the Imperial doonium refinery on Ryloth.

Tech and Wrecker lead the Bad Batch’s distraction, attacking Imperial turrets and tanks.

In Lessu, Rampart receives the alert and decides to deal with the refinery attack personally. Howzer is left in command of the Lessu garrison.

At the same time, Hunter and Echo reach the prison cells. Gobi is surprised to see the mercenaries here, but Cham is even more surprised when Hunter reveals his daughter Hera hired them.

As Elite Squad begins to board the shuttle to the refinery, Crosshair has an epiphany and orders the shuttle to not takeoff. Crosshair realizes that the refinery isn’t the target, as Howzer sees that Elite Squad isn’t departing.

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As the Twi’leks and their rescuers are about to exit for the landing area, Howzer arrives to warn Cham about the trap. Howzer confesses that what the Empire has done to Ryloth is wrong. Eleni reveals that Taa had a hangar for his private shuttle in his tower.

Howzer apologizes for not acting sooner. Cham argues that it is not too late for Howzer to fight for Ryloth, but Howzer refuses to abandon his brothers. Many of them are good men: he has to try to get through to them.

As the escapees board Taa’s shuttle, Hunter orders Tech to retreat to their rendezvous on Ord Mantell. The Havoc Marauder and Hera’s shuttle retreat as the Imperial reinforcements arrive at the refinery.

At the Lessu landing area, Howzer emerges. Howzer pleads that they pledged to liberate and protect the people of Ryloth. Howzer refuses to participate in the policing and brutalizing of those same people.

Throwing down his blaster, Howzer asks his fellow clones to stand with him. In response, a half-dozen clones also throw down their blasters. As Crosshair orders the traitors arrested, a shuttle emerges from another tower. Crosshair takes a few shots, but they all go wide.

On Ord Mantell, Eleni offers payment for the Bad Batch’s services, but Hunter insists she keep it. Cham realizes that he will need to organize his people into a movement to free Ryloth.

Hunter declines to help, as Hunter has to look after his own people. Eleni warns that if a civil war is truly coming, then it will be Omega’s and Hera’s to fight as much as theirs.

Hera says goodbye to her friend and “copilot,” with a heartfelt thanks that Omega believed in her.

At the heavily damaged Imperial refinery, Rampart confesses to Crosshair that he underestimated the Bad Batch. Crosshair simply requests permission to take Elite Squad and hunt down the defectors. As Rampart grants permission, Crosshair gives a grim smirk of satisfaction.

Crosshair watches the Bad Batch escape Ryloth.

The next time that Crosshair takes aim at the Bad Batch, he won’t miss…

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Well, a happy ending for Hera and her parents (so far)! While we do know what becomes of Clan Syndulla in the future, it is exciting to see their rebellion against the Empire begin.

What did you think? Are you hoping to see more Omega and Hera team-ups? Are you terrified that Crosshair has been let off the leash to hunt down his former squad? You never need to go it alone with Geek Girl Authority providing backup!

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