After helping a fellow clone deserter and his family escape, The Bad Batch are still on the run. On this week’s episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, our titular clones need to make an unplanned pit stop. Meanwhile, on Kamino, the destiny of the Imperial Army and its clones is about to change.

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Warning: this Star Wars: The Bad Batch recap contains SPOILERS, so go watch the episode first if you want to see it with fresh eyes.

Still here? Alright then: grab your rebreathers and the latest batch of conscripted recruits, and let’s get started with more Star Wars: The Bad Batch!

On the Havoc Marauder, The Bad Batch (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is still getting used to having a kid with them. Omega (Michelle Ang) doesn’t even have a bunk yet!

The shuttle took a lot of damage when fleeing Saleucami, and several systems have begun glitching. Echo complains that Tech could help him with repairs, but Tech is prioritizing a custom bio-scanner. Echo thought their inhibitor chips were defective, but Tech clarifies it’s only a theory until tested.

Tech reassures Echo that no critical systems were compromised. And, of course, that’s when the hyperdrive fails.

Echo states that the power capacitor has blown, so the Havoc Marauder needs to land immediately. The squad straps in for Omega’s first crash landing.

The Bad Batch crash lands on a moon of Ordo.

Due to damage sustained during their escape from Saleucami, The Bad Batch is forced to crash land and make repairs.

On the surface of a desolate moon, the shuttle’s comms have been knocked out by a storm. With no comms and a damaged power capacitor, the Havoc Marauder is stranded. Fortunately, there is one spare power capacitor onboard.

Omega offers to help search for the replacement part, but she unknowingly grabs Crosshair’s kit in the process. The squad debates whether Crosshair’s betrayal was by choice or forced by his inhibitor chip. Hunter gets the squad back on task to fix the ship.

Meanwhile, on Kamino, Crosshair (also Dee Bradley Baker) completes yet another surgical procedure to optimize his inhibitor chip. Nala Se (Gwendoline Yeo) proudly reports that Crosshair responds favorably, though Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin (Stephen Stanton) wonders if he will stay that way?

Vice Admiral Rampart (Noshir Dalal) arrives, having completed his successful implementation of the new chain code policy. Rampart asks if Crosshair is the enhanced clone from Tarkin’s report. Nala Se confirms that Crosshair is a top specimen.

Tarkin ignores her and asks Rampart what is the status of “Project War Mantle”? Rampart reports that the project is on schedule: his top recruits have arrived on Kamino to begin training with their new commander. Nala Se realizes he is referring to Crosshair.

In the hangar bay, Rampart presents Elite Squad: the first of the Empire’s non-clone conscripts. Project War Mantle is revealed to be an Imperial initiative to recruit the top soldiers across the galaxy and be trained by the more skilled clone troopers. Rampart envisions an entire army of these commandos. Tarkin eagerly endorses such a cooperative.

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Star Wars The Bad Batch Replacements

Vice Admiral Rampart (Noshir Dalal) introduces the Kaminoans and their clones to Project War Mantle: the Imperial plan to train elite non-clone soldiers.

On the moon, Echo and Tech begin replacing the power capacitor. Unfortunately, the atmosphere is not breathable, requiring the use of rebreathers. However, they are not alone. As Echo and Tech are distracted by claw marks that suddenly appear on the shuttle’s hull, a creature crawls away with the capacitor in its jaws.

Inside the shuttle, Wrecker complains his head got hit in the crash. Echo and Tech arrive inside to report what they’ve found as the creature crawls across the cockpit in front of Omega.

Tech concludes that they are likely on a moon of the planet Ordo, meaning that the creature is an Ordo Moon Dragon. Ordo Moon Dragons feed on raw energy, so it likely took the capacitor to feed off its electric charge. With his ability to track electromagnetic fields, Hunter decides to hunt the dragon.

With Wrecker still in pain, Omega volunteers to accompany Hunter instead. Hunter warns that it could be dangerous, but Omega reminds him that she is part of The Bad Batch now.

Back on Kamino, Tarkin and Rampart observe Elite Squad alongside Prime Minister Lama Su (Bob Bergen). Lama Su complains that because Kaminoan clones are trained from birth, conscripted recruits can never reach the same level of proficiency as clone troopers. However, rampart insists that skills are taught, and the willing enlistment of recruits proves that they are more loyal than clones.

Tarkin decides to put the argument to the test by sending Elite Squad to Onderon, with Crosshair as their commander. Elite Squad will succeed where The Bad Batch failed: finding and wiping out Saw Gerrera’s camp.

On the moon of Ordo, Omega asks if she can learn to track like Hunter? Hunter explains that his tracking is an enhanced skill. Likewise, each of The Bad Batch has an enhanced skill, which Omega points out, including Crosshair.

Omega and Hunter in Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Omega (Michelle Ang) accompanies Hunter (Dee Bradley Baker) as he hunts down the thieving Ordo Moon Dragon.

Omega comforts Hunter by stating that Crosshair can’t help what he’s doing now, so Hunter shouldn’t be angry with him. Hunter explains that he is only angry with himself: clones don’t leave each other behind. Omega resolves that The Bad Batch will find a way to get Crosshair back.

Aboard a Nu-class attack shuttle, Elite Squad arrives at Onderon. One of the recruits (Emilio Garcia-Sanchez) asks why the admirals put a clone in charge? Crosshair asks if the recruit has a problem with him. The recruit responds by pointing out that if the clone troopers were really so efficient, then the Empire wouldn’t bother scouting non-clones to be Imperial soldiers. He boasts that it’s time for new leadership.

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At the rebel camp, a shuttle is being prepped for departure. Suddenly, a perimeter sensor is triggered. The rebels only have a few seconds before Crosshair begins sniping at them from the tree-line. The rest of Elite Squad closes in.

Back on the moon, Hunter locates the power capacitor. However, he is ambushed by the Ordo Moon Dragon. The dragon knocks off Hunter’s rebreather and crawls into a barnacle-like warren. Hunter passes out and Omega places his rebreather back on. With Hunter unconscious and no response to her comm for help, Omega grabs Hunter’s blaster and crawls in after the dragon.

On Onderon, the rebels are quickly overrun by Elite Squad. After the transport pilot is killed, the last remaining rebel surrenders. Crosshair asks where Saw Gerrera is and the rebel states that she wouldn’t tell even if she knew. So, Crosshair executes her and proceeds to interrogate the transport passengers.

Elite Squad wipes out Saw Gerrera's camp on Onderon.

Crosshair (Dee Bradley Baker) orders Elite Squad to execute everyone in Saw Gerrera’s camp…including unarmed civilians.

The civilians plead that they don’t know anything: their only connection to the rebels is being transported off Onderon. Crosshair decides that the civilians have no further use to the Empire and orders Elite Squad to execute them.

The recruit from earlier protests Crosshair’s command. With Gerrera’s fighters dead, they should bring in the civilians for further questioning. Crosshair prefers a literal interpretation of Tarkin’s orders: wipe out Gerrera’s camp, including the civilians. The recruit insists that it’s wrong. Crosshair asks if the recruit is refusing to comply with orders. The recruit insists none of them are: they are not an execution squad.

When the recruit starts barking orders to detain the civilians, Crosshair asks if they know why a clone was put in charge? Crosshair explains because clones are willing to do what needs to be done. Crosshair immediately executes the defiant recruit. He then tells the surviving squad, “Good soldiers follow orders.” After telling his squad to finish the mission, the sounds of blaster fire and a flamethrower are heard.

On the moon of Ordo, Omega follows a trail of junk parts to the dragon’s lair. The dragon is startled by Omega’s flashlight and Omega raises Hunter’s blaster, prepared to fire. However, Omega realizes that the dragon only becomes hostile when the light is shined on it.

Realizing she can lure the Ordo Moon Dragon away with another energy source, she tosses the flashlight to the side, grabbing the power capacitor on her way out. Returned to consciousness, Hunter is amazed that Omega could get the part without firing a shot.

Elite Squad returns to Kamino, reporting that though Saw Gerrera was already gone, his camp was “dealt with.” Rampart states that the loss of a recruit is unfortunate, but Elite Squad knew the risks.

Tarkin is impressed, seeing Elite Squad’s success as proof of Project War Mantle’s potential. Despite seeing the clone troopers as cost-prohibitive relics of the Clone Wars, Tarkin decides that the clone army will remain until Rampart’s recruits have enough time and training to take over all military activities. Tarkin continues to leave Project War Mantle in the capable hands of “Admiral” Rampart, subtly hinting an imminent promotion for the Vice-Admiral.

Elsewhere, Lama Su laments to Nala Se that Rampart and Project War Mantle will make the clone troopers obsolete. Nala Se admits that the original genetic material from Jango Fett is degrading, as both Kaminoans share their fears for the future of Kamino’s cloning operation.

Nala Se and Lama Su discuss Kamino's standing with the Empire.

Nala Se (Gwendoline Yeo) and Prime Minister Lama Su (Bob Bergen) discuss their plans to ensure Kamino’s clones remain essential.

To ensure that Kaminoan clones remain essential to the Empire, Lama Su orders Nala Se to begin the next phase of her experiments: to provide a superior clone, like those of The Bad Batch. Nala Se warns that her experiment would require a “direct source” and the clones she requires will “not return willingly.” Lama Su dismisses her concerns in clinical Kaminoan fashion: the clones are property, not people. Moreover, the Kaminoans only need one successful survivor. The survival of Kamino’s economy (and perhaps even their future as a race) depends on it.

As the Havoc Marauder finally takes off, Wrecker reveals he has been working on a surprise for Omega. Wrecker has turned the tail gunner for the shuttle into a makeshift bunk for her. A grateful Omega states that it is perfect and that she never had her own private room before. Hunter says it’s only fair. Reflecting on her success with the dragon, Hunter affirms that she is definitely part of the squad now.

Omega finds a new home with The Bad Batch.

Omega (Michelle Ang) finds comfort in her new room aboard the Havoc Marauder.

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What did you think about this episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch? Will The Bad Batch ever find a real home for themselves and their newest squadmate? How far will Tarkin go to replace the clone troopers in the Imperial Army? Could the Kaminoans start plotting their own rebellion against the Empire? Geek Girl Authority has all the parts and recruits needed to get you more news and recaps about Star Wars: The Bad Batch and more!


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