Last week, The Bad Batch’s supply run went awry when Omega (Michelle Ang) found herself in the crosshairs of an assassin named Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen). If you want to avoid SPOILERS, make sure to catch your breath and watch the latest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch before reading this recap.

Still here? Then get ready to make some deals and wrestle some monsters!

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Given Omega’s tendency to wander off and get into trouble, The Bad Batch (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) decide to give Crosshair’s old comm to her.

Despite their original plan to lay low on Idaflor, The Bad Batch has decided to make a detour. A bounty hunter is after Omega, and they need to know why. Echo knows the Jedi had an informant on Ord Mantell named Cid. Cid is the best option to get that information.

On Ord Mantell, the squad arrives at a gambling den where Cid is supposed to be. When asked which alien is Cid, Echo admits that he never met Cid and doesn’t know what he looks like. Hunter asks a female Trandoshan if she knows Cid, but she claims they are in the wrong place and to get lost.

As the rest of the squad argues over where Cid might be now, Omega quickly realizes that “he” is a she. The female Trandoshan is Cid (Rhea Perlman)!

Cid in Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Once a Jedi informant, Cid asks for The Bad Batch’s help in fulfilling a bounty.

In her office, Cid explains that she had a good job acting as a Jedi informant, but the Galactic Empire has killed her clients and hurt her business. Echo shows Cid a hologram of Fennec. Cid doesn’t recognize the woman, but she offers to find out who hired her … in exchange for the clone deserters doing something for her.

Though The Bad Batch is reluctant to act as mercenaries, they agree to the job: rescue a girl named Muchi. Cid’s sources claim that Muchi is being held by Zygerrian slavers in the ruins of Ord Mantell City (a former Black Sun stronghold destroyed by the Separatists). The Bad Batch agrees to grab the kid in exchange for Cid’s intel and 30 percent of the bounty on Muchi. 

En route in the Havoc Marauder, Wrecker continues to wince in pain. His head hurts after it was supposedly hit on the desolate moon. When Hunter asks what’s wrong, Wrecker claims it’s nothing.

Omega is shocked and disgusted to learn that a slave trader buys and sells people. She states it doesn’t feel right to treat people like property, and Echo confirms it’s not. Echo proudly declares they will stop Muchi from being enslaved. However, his righteousness is deflated when Tech points out they are doing so for a decent amount of credits.

Scouting the ruins of the old city, Tech spots three people being held captive by the slavers. Only one of them is a child: a Falleen girl.

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There are two dozen Zygerrians, but with multiple entry/exit points and only light defenses, the squad decides on a simple smash-and-grab plan. Omega is disappointed when Hunter orders her back to the Havoc Marauder, but she obeys.

In the old city, Hunter orders Echo to climb one of the buildings and provide overwatch. Before Wrecker can distract the Zygerrians, allowing Hunter and Tech to grab Muchi, a brezak (the gliding lizards used as mounts by Zygerrians) attacks Echo and knocks him off the roof. The brezak then knocks Wrecker unconscious with its tail, while the Zygerrians capture Hunter and Tech in an electro-net.

Back in Cid’s office, Cid reassures her Huttese-speaking employer over a hologram that his employer will be reunited with Muchi soon. Her “best people” are on the hunt.

At the Havoc Marauder, two Zygerrians arrive by speeders to investigate the shuttle. Omega sneaks out of an escape hatch, as the Zygerrian patrol returns to their base. Unable to reach anyone on her comm, Omega checks the ruins with her macrobinoculars. She sees The Bad Batch also held captive in chains.

The Bad Batch assesses their situation. They need to warn Omega, but their weapons and comms have been removed and thrown into a pile. Tech sighs and reveals that comms won’t be necessary. Omega is currently perched on one of the rooftops. Hunter signals her to stay hidden.

The Zygerrian commander (Liam O’Brien) is eager to get a good price for the four strong slaves that have just been added to his haul. When Echo protests that the Republic outlawed slavery, the Zygerrian slaver reminds him that the Republic no longer exists.

The Zygerrians ready their captives to sell into slavery.

The Zygerrian slave trader looks over his newly acquired “stock.”

Echo loudly boasts at the Zygerrian commander, signaling for Omega to grab their gear. Omega accidentally kicks a boulder while climbing down, but Wrecker covers for her by kicking a boulder of his own at a slaver. The Zygerrian commander warns that one less slave will not hurt their profits. If any of them fail to comply with their new masters, the person next to them will be fed to his pet brezak.

As the Zygerrian commander monologues about how they will rebuild under the new Empire as the “Zygerrian Slavers Guild,” Omega stumbles on top of a cage containing some kind of captive creature. After unlocking the cage, an adolescent rancor breaks loose and begins attacking the Zygerrians. 

Taking advantage of the distraction, Wrecker breaks the chains and The Bad Batch begins freeing the captives. When Omega rescues the Falleen girl, her father reveals that the rancor is Muchi. Realizing they won’t get their payment from Cid without Muchi, Hunter, Wrecker and Tech go to protect the rancor from the Zygerrians. Echo and Omega help the freed slaves get to safety.

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Muchi, a rancor in Star Wars: The Bad Batch

An adolescent female rancor, Muchi is the true target of The Bad Batch’s rescue mission.

Though Wrecker rightly points out that Muchi is holding her own against the Zygerrians, the Zygerrian commander then swoops in on his brezak. Hunter knocks the Zygerrian slaver off. With the brezak continuing to hunt the rancor, Hunter faces the Zygerrian alone while Wrecker and Tech go after Muchi.

After Echo eliminates the Zygerrians guarding the two speeders, Omega collects an energy bow off one of the dead slavers.

Muchi manages to turn the tables against the brezak by grabbing its tail and finally drives it away. Tech reveals that since rancors follow a strict social hierarchy, Muchi won’t stop fighting until someone challenges her authority as the alpha. Wrecker eagerly volunteers, and he begins wrestling the rancor.

As Echo and Omega rendezvous with the rest of the squad, they find an exhausted Muchi and an equally exhausted Wrecker still pummeling each other. Tech remarks that Wrecker is losing his touch. Finally, Muchi gives up and goes to sleep.

Back at Cid’s office, she is visited by two Gamorrean guards and Bib Fortuna (Matthew Wood): the right-hand man of Jabba the Hutt. Fortuna threatens Cid for failing to deliver on her promise. Before his patience runs out, they hear a roar in the distance. Omega rides up the city street atop Muchi. Fortuna is elated to reunite with Jabba’s rancor, and he delivers Cid the promised payment.

Bib Fortuna on Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Bib Fortuna comes to collect the bounty that Jabba the Hutt was promised.

After Muchi gives a farewell roar to Wrecker, Echo complains that Cid never told them they were rescuing a rancor. Cid sarcastically remarks it slipped her mind, and she invites Hunter into her office to give the intel.

Cid reveals that the mysterious woman is Fennec Shand. Though she’s new to the galactic underworld, she’s already acquired a reputation for being equally cunning and ruthless. When Hunter asks who hired her, Cid admits that she doesn’t know. Her sources in the Bounty Hunters Guild claim that Fennec is unaffiliated with them, so she must be working directly for a private employer.

Cid advises that The Bad Batch will need money and friends to keep ahead of Fennec, and she can provide both. After giving Hunter his cut of the bounty, Cid promises that she’ll happily pay more in exchange for The Bad Batch’s services. Hunter promises to think about it.

As Hunter walks away, Cid casually remarks that The Bad Batch must be very valuable if someone was willing to hire someone like Fennec to hunt them. As Hunter glares at her, Cid slyly remarks not to worry. An informant is good with secrets…

Hunter faces off against a Zygerrian slaver.

Hunter faces off against a Zygerrian slaver.

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Will Cid be an ally or an enemy for The Bad Batch? Are you excited to see Omega in action with her new energy bow? What relation might Muchi have to the more-infamous rancor we see Jabba owning in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi? Don’t worry, Geek Girl Authority won’t charge you a decicred to share these secrets and more as we all wait for the next episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch!


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