Are you ready for Part Two of the Star Wars: The Bad Batch season finale? Be sure to watch the first 15 episodes (or at least read our other recaps) before continuing to read. We will be discussing SPOILERS for this thrilling Star Wars series from here on out.

Still here? Then get ready to go for a swim because the Bad Batch has their deadliest mission to date: Survive.

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What a shocking Part I! Crosshair revealed he had no inhibitor chip for some time. The Empire destroyed Tipoca City to deny its cloning services to potential rivals.

The Bad Batch (all played by Dee Bradley Baker), Omega (Michelle Ang) and AZI-345211896246498721347 (Ben Diskin) find themselves trapped inside Tipoca City in the middle of an Imperial bombardment.

Eventually, the bombardment destroys the city’s stilt supports, and the cloning facilities begin sinking. In response, the city’s emergency doors shut, separating the clones.

The destroyed Tipoca City and its cloning facilities collapsed into the seas. Aboard a Venator-class Star Destroyer bridge, a clone trooper reports to Vice Admiral Rampart (Noshir Dalal). Rampart orders rendezvous with the rest of the Imperial fleet, and the Star Destroyers depart.

Omega finds herself trapped in a flooding compartment.

Omega finds herself trapped with AZI and Crosshair in a flooding compartment in Tipoca City on Kamino.

In one of the compartments, AZI awakens Omega. The compartment will flood in moments. Omega and Crosshair will drown!

Crosshair is stuck under debris. Thus, Omega uses her energy bow to blast him free. Wrecker manages to pry the door open long enough for AZI, Omega and Crosshair to slip through.

The newly conscious Crosshair immediately accuses Hunter of their current situation. Hunter reveals the Galactic Empire bombarded the Kaminoan city. Crosshair is only alive because the Bad Batch refused to leave him behind.

Tech interrupts to remind them they don’t have time to argue. The Bad Batch needs to be on the surface before Tipoca City submerges.

The clones attempt to exit the embryo room, but the now-submerged city tilts at a 30-45 degree angle. The Bad Batch barely holds on as the facility lands on the seafloor.

The ruins of Tipoca City on Kamino in Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Debris falls from Tipoca City onto the ocean floor of Kamino.

With most of the city structurally compromised, Tech leads the others to the most secure place he can think of: the Bad Batch’s old barracks. As Wrecker notices their scoreboard is still intact, Crosshair belittles Hunter for throwing away their military careers. Hunter insists that a real leader protects their squad rather than adheres to blind allegiance. Crosshair counters that now they will all die because of his failure as a leader.

Omega reveals that the barracks landed on top of one of the underwater transport tunnels! Crosshair mocks them for following the orders of a child. 

AZI welds an airtight seal between the tube and a maintenance deck, allowing the clones to travel into the underwater tunnel. Crosshair notices the cracks in the tunnel from the city’s impact. He insists they should go back. AZI advises that returning to the Havoc Marauder through the tunnel is their best option.

Wrecker blames Crosshair for their current predicament by taking Hunter captive. Wrecker asks why Crosshair never came back to the Bad Batch when they would have welcomed him back.

Crosshair argues with the Bad Batch.

The Bad Batch debates Crosshair’s Imperial loyalty, despite no longer possessing an inhibitor chip.

Tech believes it’s Crosshair’s true nature. Naturally, he stayed with the Empire even after removing his inhibitor chip: Crosshair has always been severe and unyielding. A surprised Crosshair asks why Tech agrees with him. Tech corrects that understanding someone’s choices is not the same as agreeing with them.

Omega agrees with Crosshair that the tunnel is unsafe. AZI assures it’s a viable transportation route as long as there are no further complications.

Speaking of further complications, a roar is heard in the ocean. AZI reveals that the tunnels are only protected when the power is online. Suddenly, a Kaminoan sea monster (possibly a saberjowl) charges at the tube. The Bad Batch runs for Nala Se’s lab as AZI tries to restore the power. AZI brings on the power long enough to electrocute the creature and seal the flooding tunnel behind them.

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In Nala Se’s lab, Tech reveals to Hunter and Crosshair that this is where they were grown in secret. Omega was created first, which technically makes her the Bad Batch’s older sister.

Wrecker notices the severed tube connecting Nala Se’s lab to the Havoc Marauder’s landing platform. Omega sadly confirms that the tunnel was the only way to reach the landing pad.

Crosshair and Omega on Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Omega realizes she can’t keep using an inhibitor chip to explain Crosshair’s bad choices.

As the Bad Batch struggles to develop a new plan, Omega notices AZI’s photoreceptors are flickering, and its servos are whirring. AZI reveals its batteries will soon be depleted.

Echo announces that long-range comms in the lab are down, and they’ll run out of oxygen in a few hours. Crosshair blames Omega for the situation. Hunter points out Omega saved Crosshair’s life, unlike the Empire. Crosshair doesn’t take it personally. Hunter is offended that Crosshair is still pro-Imperial after they destroyed the clones’ home. Crosshair believes the Empire does what needs to be done.

Crosshair shares that if the Empire is going to control the entire Star Wars galaxy regardless, he wants to be a part of that. Hunter warns Crosshair not to fool himself: the Empire will always see him as a clone, not a soldier.

Echo comes up with a new plan — the Kaminoans ensured the medical capsules remained sterile by making them vacuum-sealed. Tech recognizes that also makes them watertight so that the buoyancy will carry them up to the surface!

Hunter points out there’s no way to direct the capsules from the inside. Debris is still sinking from the surface. Crosshair suggests AZI can use its repulsorlifts to guide them. AZI agrees to do it.

Omega warns that even if AZI doesn’t need to breathe, it will still be dangerous. AZI replies that it’s a medical droid responsible for the safety and care of all clones. As the only clones left in Tipoca City, the Bad Batch are now AZI’s primary objective.

The Bad Batch escape to the surface in medical capsules.

Ironically, the medical capsules that once gave birth to the Bad Batch are now their best hope of surviving and escaping Kamino.

Using pyro dentons to blast the lab’s window, the Bad Batch allows the lab to flood, and the rush of air carries the capsules out and up. AZI manages to push most of the Bad Batch out of the way from debris, but debris strikes Omega’s capsule and weighs it down.

The rest of the Bad Batch reaches the ocean surface. AZI uses its last power to weld Omega free and pushes her back up to the surface.

Against Hunter’s order, Omega opens her capsule and dives after the powerless AZI. Hunter notices Crosshair takes out and aims his sniper rifle.

As the heavy medical droid weighs down Omega, Crosshair uses his ascension cable attachment to hook AZI. Both the droid and Omega are dragged up to the surface. Crosshair looks around to see the rest of the Bad Batch has their weapons trained on him.

With the dawn comes a rare sight on Kamino: clear skies and calm seas. Omega takes one last look at where Tipoca City once stood. Now it’s just clouds of smoke rising from the ocean.

The Bad Batch offers to take Crosshair with them, but Crosshair decides to wait for Imperial scouts to discover him. Hunter says they are offering a choice, just as Crosshair offered. Crosshair insists he made his decision. Hunter reminds Crosshair that wanting different things doesn’t mean they must become enemies as they part ways.

The Bad Batch and Crosshair part ways again.

The Bad Batch departs Kamino on somewhat more amicable terms with Crosshair, though Crosshair believes his purpose lies with the Empire.

Omega hangs back to speak with Crosshair. She thanks Crosshair for saving her and AZI. Crosshair brushes it off, claiming that now they’re even. Omega tells Crosshair he isn’t just a brother to the Bad Batch. He’s a brother to Omega too. Crosshair keeps his back turned, even as the Havoc Marauder flies away.

On another planet, a Nu-class attack shuttle arrives at a base built within the summit of a mountain. No fewer than three squads of clone commandos are there to welcome the shuttle’s passenger: Nala Se. A Human medical officer (Helen Sadler) greets Nala Se, claiming to admire the Kaminoan’s scientific talents. She reveals the Empire has big things in store for Nala Se, as the sorrowful Kaminoan cloner is escorted away by the very clones she helped create.

Medical Officer welcomes Nala Se to Imperial service.

A Human medical officer welcomes Nala Se into Imperial service, working on a yet-to-be-revealed project.

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That concludes Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season One! What did you think of Part II? What did you think of the season overall?

We definitely saw many examples this season of clones doing the right thing even with their inhibitor chips, and now Crosshair shows clones continuing to serve the Empire of their own free will. Hopefully, Crosshair’s choices won’t result in him exchanging blaster rounds with his brothers (and sister) again.

It’ll be a long wait until The Bad Batch Season Two next year. Geek Girl Authority won’t make you hail some passing scouts to get the latest news on Star Wars and more! Thanks for coming on this recap journey with us, and May The Force Be With You!

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