After carrying out a dangerous rescue mission on Ryloth, this week’s Star Wars: The Bad Batch returns the Bad Batch to Ord Mantell, but things are just as dangerous. If you want to avoid Star Wars SPOILERS, be sure to catch up on The Bad Batch before continuing to read this recap.

Still here? Then get ready to double-cross and triple-cross some crime lords, because the Bad Batch is in for a tense heist!

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The Bad Batch (all played by Dee Bradley Baker) and Omega (Michelle Ang) return to their de facto home base on Ord Mantell after another mission.

As they make their way to Cid’s office to receive their pay, they notice several masked guards outside and inside Cid’s parlor. The guards attempt to stop them, but the Bad Batch barges into the office anyway. Only it’s not Cid at the desk, as usual. Instead, it’s a male Devaronian (Tom Taylorson), petting “Ruby” (the alien lizard acquired from the Rhokai).

Roland Durand on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Cid’s parlor finds itself under the new management of wannabe crime lord Roland Durand.

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The Devaronian explains that he was the client who originally paid Cid for Ruby. When Hunter asks where Cid is, the Devaronian simply says she is “out.” Ord Mantell is now his territory, though he is happy to continue offering mercenary work to the Bad Batch. Hunter grudgingly says they will think about his offer.

Concluding that Cid is either on the run or dead, the Bad Batch decides to leave Ord Mantell. As Omega pleads that they have to help their friend, Cid (Rhea Perlman) is already waiting at the Havoc Marauder.

Cid explains that the Devaronian is Roland Durand, a former client and the son of a crime boss named Isa Durand. Ord Mantell is valuable to smuggling because the planet is connected to multiple hyperspace routes. Roland took Cid’s territory and is leveraging its value to join the Pyke Syndicate: one of the five major crime syndicates in the Star Wars galaxy.

Cid asks the Bad Batch for help

Cid enlists the help of the Bad Batch to reclaim her turf.

Cid insists that the Bad Batch help her take her parlor and her territory back, reminding them how good she is at keeping secrets. Omega reminds them that Cid helped them when no one else would.

Cid fills the Bad Batch in on her plan. Roland has acquired a shipment of spice for the Pykes, and he is storing it in Cid’s old office. Tech realizes that Cid wants to sabotage the deal by stealing the spice. That way, when the Pykes come to buy the spice, Roland won’t have a supply, and the Pykes will eliminate him.

Cid leads the clones into the old mining tunnels beneath the city. They will travel beneath the parlor using old mining carts, grab the spice and transport it back on the carts.

Wrecker asks why they don’t just storm the parlor. The Bad Batch can take the guards in a standup fight. Cid hisses that no one can know they are involved. The Pykes are too formidable an adversary — the blame needs to fall on Roland alone!

Tech offers to restart the carts’ motors, but Cid insists they cannot be too loud! The mining tunnels have become infested by alien bugs. They cannot make any sound at all, or the hive will wake.

As they pass over the hive, Wrecker gets startled by a screeching noise and drops his flashlight by accident. There is a brief rumbling, but the Bad Batch lucks out. The hive remains asleep.

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When the Bad Batch reaches the ladder up to the office, Cid signals Ketch (Sam Riegel). Ketch lures Ruby away from Roland using Mantell Mix, and then Bolo (Liam O’Brien) captures the lizard in a cage.

Ketch and Bolo with Ruby

Ketch and Bolo distract Roland by kidnapping his beloved pet, Ruby.

With the all-clear signal, the Bad Batch climbs up and starts hauling the spice crates down into the mining tunnels. Unfortunately, Ruby reaks free and reunite with Roland as the Bad Batch are only two-thirds of the way through. Echo manages to seal the office door, stalling Roland long enough for the Bad Batch to get the last two crates onto the carts.

Roland sends his guards after the thieves, who activate the motors on their carts and open fire on the Bad Batch. Cid hisses that they are being too loud, but Wrecker points out the squad doesn’t have a choice.

Roland's guards in pursuit of the Bad Batch

Roland’s guards pursue Cid and the Bad Batch into the infested mining tunnels.

Suddenly, the same rumbling from before begins again, as countless giant ptero-insects fly up past the carts. With the need for quiet gone, Cid and the clones fire up the engines and race out of the hive.

Roland’s guards are torn apart by the screeching bugs, as the Bad Batch uses their flashlights to just barely hold them at bay.

Irling attack

A cross between a pterodactyl and a giant insect, these alien bugs attack as a single massive swarm.

The ptero-insects knock the spice crates off the carts, but the Bad Batch is lucky to escape with their lives.

As Roland interrogates Bolo and Ketch, he learns that Cid took the spice. As Bolo confesses they don’t know where Cid planned to take the spice, the Pykes arrive.

The Pyke buyer (also Liam O’Brien) demands his payment. Roland admits the shipment was stolen but promises to get the Pykes their money back. The Pyke refuses to accept his excuses and declares that Roland has no use to them. Roland and his guards draw their blasters on the Pykes. Even as his hand shakes, Roland demands that the Pykes return to Oba Diah and wait for Roland to get their payment.

The Pyke Syndicate on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

A criminal cartel specializing in spice dealing, the Pyke Syndicate earned its fearsome reputation by ruthlessly ensuring spice is delivered profitably and on time.

The Pykes are unfazed and they give Roland an ultimatum. Roland will either correct his mistake, or the punishment will fall upon not just Roland, but his entire family too.

Cid and the Bad Batch return to the parlor. Cid insists it’s safe to return now, remarking that the Pykes don’t take kindly to unpaid debts. This is a gross understatement on Cid’s part.

As the Bad Batch reenters the parlor, everyone is dead. And I mean, everyone. The guards, the bartender and even some civilian patrons. The Pykes are indiscriminate and brutal in their vengeance. Only one person other than the Pykes remains breathing: Roland. As he is escorted from the back office, he identifies Cid as the one behind the stolen spice.

The Pyke leader makes Cid an offer: return the stolen spice, and the Pykes will hold no ill will toward her. Cid admits they don’t have any spice, so the Pyke leader orders everyone killed. Hunter defuses the situation by clarifying that they don’t have the spice, but they do know how to get it.

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The impatient Pyke demands that the Bad Batch retrieve the spice. He insists that Omega remain behind as a hostage, which prompts her brothers to finally draw their blasters. The Pyke clarifies that they do not negotiate. Cid convinces the Bad Batch to stand down. Even if the clones can somehow kill these Pykes, there is no way the Bad Batch can take on the entire Pyke Syndicate.

Showdown between the Pykes and the Bad Batch

Cid convinces the Bad Batch not to get into a war with the Pyke Syndicate, and the squad reluctantly agrees to leave Omega while they recover the spice.

Tech identifies the bug creatures as “irlings”: nocturnal ptero-insects with sensitivity to light and heat. Cid plans to rappel down with Wrecker into the hive to retrieve the crates. 

Back at the parlor, Omega and Roland get to know each other. Roland blames the Bad Batch for meddling in other people’s business. Omega counters that they only became involved because Roland took Cid’s parlor! Roland states that “taking what you want” is the Durand family way. Roland struggles to live up to the example set by his parents. The unlikely pair bond over their shared kinship with Ruby.

Wrecker and Cid in the irling hive

Taking personal responsibility for endangering Omega, Cid volunteers to delve with Wrecker into the irling hive for the missing spice.

Two-thirds of the way into the delve, and it is almost night. Tech is working on a device in case the hive wakes again. Cid and Wrecker haul themselves up with the last two crates. As Cid scolds the acrophobic Wrecker for squirming, she accidentally knocks a mining cart off the track. The irling swarm wakes, and a panicked Wrecker tries to shoot as many as he can.

Tech finishes his device and drops it right into the hive. The device creates a blinding flash of light, forcing the irlings to flee the hive in pain.

Back at the port, the Bad Batch delivers the spice to the Pykes. Confirming that all six crates have been retrieved intact, the Pykes return Omega and promise there is no ill will with the Bad Batch.

But Roland is a different matter entirely. The Pyke leader draws a knife. Bending Roland over one of the crates, the Pyke leader prepares to execute him.

Omega intervenes, begging that all Roland did was make a mistake! Cid assists, mentioning that Roland’s father is Isa Durand. Isa Durand may be small-time compared to the Pykes, but Cid asks if the Pyke Syndicate can really afford the heat of a gang war right now.

Cid advises that the Pykes should just call the situation a bad deal and walk away with their spice. The Pyke leader threatens that Pykes do not accept “bad deals.” Nevertheless, he instead cuts off one of Roland’s horns. The Pyke leader warns Roland not to cross paths with the Pyke Syndicate again.

Roland about to lose his head

Thanks to Omega and Cid, Roland Durand is lucky he only lost his horn, rather than his head.

Omega asks if Roland is okay, but Roland considers it a fair price for his life. Omega returns Ruby as Roland leaves Ord Mantell.

As Cid offers to pay for the Bad Batch’s first round, Hunter asks why Omega would stick up for Roland. Omega admits that she’s not sure. Initially claiming it was because Ruby liked him too, Omega finally declares that Roland is not entirely bad.

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Oof, that almost got dark, but all’s well that ends with necks intact, right? (Unless you’re one of Roland’s employees.) The moral of the story: do not promise the Pyke Syndicate a payment you cannot deliver.

What do you think about this week’s episode? It’s interesting to see Omega introduced to more shades of gray in the Star Wars galaxy. (Not all criminals are “undignified,” it seems.) Perhaps this lesson will carry forward as the Bad Batch’s inevitable showdown with Crosshair looms ahead? Does Roland’s now missing horn hint foreshadowing for the Broken Horn Syndicate of Cikatro Vizago, introduced to us in Star Wars Rebels?

No need to deliver six crates of spice to us. Geek Girl Authority is happy to ship all the info to you on Star Wars: The Bad Batch and more!

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