Last week, The Bad Batch struck a deal to rescue a rancor and made a new ally. Make it your mission to watch the latest episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch first if you want to avoid any SPOILERS.

Still here? Then get ready to smuggle some droid parts and follow some orders! Because good soldiers follow orders

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With instruction and supervision by Echo (Dee Bradley Baker), Omega (Michelle Ang) practices with her new energy bow in Cid’s gambling den. The rest of The Bad Batch (also voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) observe. An Ithorian named Bolo (Liam O’Brien) and a Weequay named Ketch (Sam Riegel) eagerly use the target practice as an excuse to bet. Omega complains about the loud alien gamblers, but Echo explains that a soldier needs to be consistent, regardless of the distractions around them.

Omega practices with her energy bow on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Omega tries out her new energy bow.

Cid (Rhea Perlman) interrupts The Bad Batch’s “playtime” and kicks out the gamblers. She has a new job for them. Tactical droids were the operational brains for the Separatist Droid Army, so they contain immensely valuable intel. Therefore, Cid has a buyer lined up, and The Bad Batch are hired to break into a droid decommissioning facility on Corellia.

Hunter cautions that The Bad Batch still hasn’t decided whether to continue working for Cid. However, Cid points out that the mission is profitable for both the squad and Cid. In addition, with the heat on The Bad Batch from both the Galactic Empire and Fennec Shand, they don’t really have any choice.

To get past the Imperial sensors, the Havoc Marauder hitches a ride to Corellia on the underbelly of an Imperial cargo ship.

Omega asks what makes tactical droids so important? Echo explains that tactical droids learned from every combat, which increased their odds of victory. Tech concludes that with the clones now serving in the Imperial Army, knowing how to fight and defeat clones is certainly valuable.

The Havoc Marauder lands at an industrial dockyard, where Hunter complains about the high presence of police droids. Tech explains that the droids are patrolling in preprogrammed routes. In conclusion, there’s a blind spot along one of the facility’s walls. An uncomfortable and acrophobic Wrecker groans as he climbs up with the rest of The Bad Batch.

As Separatist battle droids are melted down into scrap metal for the new Empire, The Bad Batch infiltrates the facility. Hunter, Echo and Tech move to locate the tactical droid. Though Wrecker complains that it was Crosshair’s job, Hunter orders him to be the lookout. Omega remains behind on the catwalks to keep an eye out on the conveyors.

Clone Force 99 infiltrates a droid decommissioning factory on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch infiltrates the droid decommissioning facility on Corellia to find a tactical droid.

Hunter’s team stuns the workers and seizes control of a work console. Plugging in with his scomp arm, Echo reveals that only one tactical droid has yet to be destroyed. He gives Omega the location.

Omega spots it, but suddenly a worker runs onto the conveyor, steals the tactical droid’s head and runs off. Before Omega can pursue, another “worker” stops her. Omega draws her energy bow, to which the smuggler warns that she won’t let Omega get in her way.

Over the comm, the disguised smuggler asks Rafa (Elizabeth Rodriguez) for her location. Omega warns her not to answer.

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As the thief makes her way down the stairs, she accidentally stumbles upon Hunter and his team.

Rafa claims that Omega has won, asking her to ease up. When Omega starts to lower her bow, Rafa overpowers her and a stray energy bolt hits a nearby steam vent. As Omega’s bow falls off the catwalk, the terrified facility workers sound the alarm and initiate a security lockdown.

Even as Rafa blames Omega for the lockdown, police droids come marching onto the catwalks. Rafa flees, with Omega in pursuit.

Hunter orders Omega to stay put, claiming that they possess the tactical droid. The other smuggler insists they don’t, and she makes a run for it. Hunter goes for the smuggler, as Tech and Echo attempt to override the lockdown.

After that, Trace (Brigitte Kali) throws Rafa the droid head. The getaway is blocked when Rafa runs straight into a police droid, and the tactical droid gets knocked onto a conveyor below. Both Omega and Trace run for it, as Rafa and Hunter are forced to defend each other against the police droids.

Star Wars Rafa and Trace

The Martez sisters, Rafa and Trace, attempt to steal the tactical droid intel away from The Bad Batch.

On the conveyor, Omega manages to grab the droid head and keeps moving.

To override the lockdown, Echo shorts out the entire facility and tells Wrecker to reboot from the main control panel. Wrecker hesitates because the platform is across a wide gap, with a long drop to molten slag below. Stressed and fearful, Wrecker grabs a construction claw and uses it to swing across the gap.

Wrecker overshoots and bangs his head against the main control panel. Groaning and grunting, Wrecker reboots the system. Unfortunately, the conveyors start moving again and a battle droid collapses on top of Omega. Trace takes the tactical droid and leaves Omega stuck on the conveyor.

With the lockdown lifting, Tech tells Wrecker to regroup with the rest of the squad. However, a severely pained Wrecker howls about “my head.” Under fire from police droids and passing out, he mutters, “Good soldiers…”

Wrecker's inhibitor chip activates on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

A good soldier hit his head one too many times…

Trace tells Rafa that she has the target, but squads of police droids pin down Hunter and Rafa. On her way out of the facility, Trace sees Omega struggling to get out from under the droid.

Omega comms Hunter that she is trapped on the conveyor, so Hunter takes out the support posts for the catwalks, crushing the police droids (and nearly Rafa).

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Omega just barely avoids falling into molten scrap, thanks to Trace pulling her out. Hunter thanks Trace for saving Omega. Rafa arrives and insists the tactical droid belongs to her and Trace. Hunter points out that they can only escape if they work together. Rafa reluctantly agrees.

Trace rescues Omega on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Trace intervenes to save Omega’s life.

The Bad Batch regroup and assess their situation. All the exits are blocked, and an even larger wave of police droids is still on the way. This leads to a hilarious Star Wars take of “Who’s On First?”:

Trace: “We need a diversion!”

Rafa: “What we need is a diversion!”

Trace: “Is there an echo in here!?”

Echo: “Yes.”

Trace: “What!?!?”

No, What is on second, Trace. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Trace realizes that they need an army, and one is littered across the conveyors. Trace reprograms the tactical droid and Tech boosts the droid’s transmission signal. The plan is taking too long. In other words, they need more time! That’s when Wrecker comes to and literally crashes down on top of the police droids.

Wrecker attacks police droids on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Wrecker doing what Wrecker does best.

Though Wrecker eventually gets overwhelmed, Tech finishes his upgrades and the facility’s battle droids are reactivated to attack the police droids. Echo remarks that he never thought he’d be fighting alongside battle droids.

Star Wars battle droids

The Separatist Droid Army marches one last time, saving The Bad Batch from factory security.

With the battle droids as a diversion, the smugglers and The Bad Batch make a break for it. Omega grabs her energy bow on the way out. Though the tactical droid head gets blasted out from Trace’s arms, Omega saves her with her bow. They all escape aboard the smugglers’ ship, the Silver Angel.

Trace laments that the break-in was for nothing, and Omega remarks that Cid’s buyer won’t be happy. A stunned Rafa demands to know why The Bad Batch would entrust such dangerous information to an unknown party!

Trace reveals that their buyer wants to help people, and would use that information to fight back against the Empire. Rafa asks why The Bad Batch isn’t fighting for the Empire like the other clones? Hunter insists that they’re different.

As the smuggling sisters drop The Bad Batch back at the Havoc Marauder, Omega invites them to visit on Ord Mantell sometime. Before Rafa leaves, Hunter gifts her a data rod. Hunter reveals that while Tech modified the tactical droid’s signal, he discreetly copied its intel onto the data rod. Rafa asks why Hunter gave it to her? He replies that Rafa and Trace will use it for the right reasons.

Hunter gives the intel to Rafa on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Hunter proves that The Bad Batch are different from other clones.

The clone commando reflects that things were so much clearer when Clone Force 99 were soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic. Rafa observes that everyone needs to choose a side, rather than one be chosen for them.

As the two teams part ways, Rafa contacts her employer by hologram. Rafa reveals that she and Trace acquired the tactical droid data, but a squad of rogue clones helped them. And Rafa knows where to find them…

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Are you excited to reunite with Trace and Rafa? Who is their mysterious employer? How angry will Cid’s buyer be? And most importantly, will The Bad Batch realize what has happened to Wrecker before he starts “following orders”!?!? Geek Girl Authority doesn’t need inhibitor chips to be told to keep an eye on Star Wars: The Bad Batch and more for all your favorite Star Wars content!

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