The Clone Wars are over, but the fight hasn’t ended yet for our titular Star Wars squad of defective clones (all played by Dee Bradley Baker). Star Wars: The Bad Batch continues with our heroes on the run from Kamino. Now the former commandos must determine their next course of action, so they meet an old “friend” in the Suolriep Sector.

Be warned that this Star Wars recap contains SPOILERS for the latest episode of The Bad Batch.

Still here? Well, grab your chain code and get ready to catch a shuttle because we’re going for a trip!

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Aboard the Havoc Marauder, Echo asks Hunter what they are supposed to do with Omega (Michelle Ang)? It’s too dangerous to bring a child with them on the run.

Tech lands the shuttle on Saleucami (their destination), where Omega gets her first real experience with a sky without storms and a surface covered in dirt. Echo, a recent addition to The Bad Batch, asks why this “friend” is on Saleucami. Tech explains that he is a deserter from the Grand Army of the Republic and in hiding. Echo asks how they can trust a deserter, but Tech points out they’re all deserters now.

Hunter finds a booby trap as they approach the farm, though Wrecker fails to notice the second tripwire. A squad of battle droid “scarecrows” springs up, which alerts the deserter Cut Lawquane (also voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) and his Twi’lek wife Suu (Cara Pifko).

At the Lawquane homestead, Hunter introduces Echo and Omega. Cut explains that he already knows about Order 66, having been told by Rex. However, Echo is shocked to learn that they just missed Rex, who passed through Saleucami yesterday.

Cut explains how Rex warned him about “behavioral implants,” which Omega explains are the inhibitor chips. Before Omega and Tech can explain further, Cut’s adopted children (Shaeeah and Jek) burst in. Shaaeah, in particular, is excited to see another kid on the farm, and Hunter gives Omega permission to go play with them. Though initially hesitant (having spent her entire life as a lab assistant), Omega eagerly plays catch with the Twi’lek siblings.

Cut asks Hunter about Omega. Cut reminds Hunter that the Kaminoans always create with a purpose in mind and wonders what purpose they intended for Omega? Hunter insists it doesn’t matter: Omega is just a kid. Cut jokingly responds that fighting droids in the Clone Wars was easier than raising a child.

Hunter explains that Kamino wasn’t safe anymore, and Cut explains that Saleucami is just as dangerous. Rex had come to warn Cut that more clone troopers were being deployed, so Cut decides that the time has come for him and his family to get off-world. Hunter offers to take them in the Havoc Marauder, but Cut points out that traveling with The Bad Batch is far riskier.

The team makes their way to town and the local spaceport. Hunter is confused why the clone troopers are securing a post on Saleucami rather than withdrawing their forces? Cut explains that the Clone Wars haven’t really ended in the Outer Rim. A week ago, the new Imperial Army began seizing and impounding ships…making the spaceport the only real way on or off the planet.

Cut tries to book passage on the next shuttle through a fixer, but Cut and Hunter learn that Republic credits are now invalid currency. The only way to exchange them for Imperial credits (or access public transportation at all) is with a new “chain code.” Chain codes are a new form of identification, but one attuned to the biometrics of a specific individual. The Galactic Empire is registering people to create a database of all the galaxy’s inhabitants.

Back on the farm, the fugitive clones realize that they can’t sign up for chain codes without exposing their identities. Nevertheless, Cut insists that they must leave Saleucami within the next few hours, so they must get onto the next shuttle.

Outside, Omega accidentally throws the ball outside the fence. Despite the warnings of Jek, she goes to retrieve it…leaving her vulnerable to a nearby nexu. The other children call for help, and Hunter rushes out with his vibroknife. Suu manages to drive the nexu away with her rifle.

Hunter shouts at Omega, demanding to know what she was doing? Cut reminds Hunter that Omega is not a clone trooper and takes a gentler approach. After making sure she is unhurt, Cut carries her away, as Omega buries her head in Cut’s shoulder. Hunter tells Tech to find a way to forge chain codes for Cut and his family.

Later, Omega sits alone in the Havoc Marauder. She takes off her headpiece, looks at it, and cries.

Omega and Hunter in Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Image courtesy of Lucasfilms.

At the farm, Hunter thanks Suu for keeping him and Omega safe. Suu explains that kids get into trouble: it’s what they do. The job of parents is to protect kids from that trouble. Cut informs Hunter that he brought Omega back to The Bad Batch’s shuttle. Hunter agrees that Omega is not a soldier. Hunter asks that they take Omega with them and raise her in exchange for forging the chain codes. When Suu asks if that’s what Hunter wants, Hunter deflects by insisting it is what Omega needs.

At the Havoc Marauder, Echo and Tech brainstorm a plan to forge the chain codes. Tech realizes that the problem is the solution: since the clone troopers control the spaceport, then The Bad Batch can tap into their network and replicate the chain codes. Tech proposes calling the authorities to seize the seemingly abandoned Havoc Marauder, using the Imperial impound lot as their way in.

Only informing their leader AFTER calling the authorities, Hunter angrily informs the pair that Omega is also on the impounded shuttle. With no choice but to proceed, Echo sneaks into the security kiosk. Using his scomp arm, he hacks into the network to copy the chain code data and grabs some blank disks.

As Hunter and Wrecker arrive at the spaceport with the Lawquane family, Tech begins programming false chain codes onto the encrypted disks. Unfortunately, an alert sounds at the security kiosk, summoning a squad of clone troopers. Knowing they can’t get caught without the entire spaceport going into a lockdown, Omega grabs the chain codes.

Wrecker gives Omega backup, while Echo tries to release the magnetic boot that has the Havoc Marauder grounded. Unfortunately, a clone trooper spots Echo. Though it directs the clone troopers away from Omega, they are now headed straight to Tech and Echo. Wrecker attacks the clones to help defend Echo and Tech.

Though Cut gets nervous, Omega arrives with the chain codes. She is confused why there are five disks instead of four. Hunter tells her that the fifth is for Omega. Omega asks if she did something wrong, and Hunter explains that Omega will have a better life with the Lawquanes than The Bad Batch. Omega insists that she wants to stay with Hunter, but Hunter insists it is for her own good.

After confirming the chain codes clear inspection, Hunter runs back to support his squad. The Bad Batch hold their own at the impound lot, but more and more clone troopers keep coming. Finally, running out of time, Wrecker physically pulls apart the magnetic clamp. As the squad runs aboard the shuttle, they hear Omega shout to wait for her. Hunter runs out to grab Omega as they clamber aboard the Havoc Marauder.

As they pull away from Saleucami, Omega apologizes to Hunter for her mistake with the fence and the nexu. Omega knows she has a lot to learn, but that doesn’t mean Hunter needs to get rid of her. She left Kamino with The Bad Batch because that’s who she wants to be with. Hunter admits he has a lot to learn and Omega can stay with The Bad Batch as long as she wants.

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What did you think about this week’s episodes? Will Omega’s “purpose” be revealed? Will Echo reunite with Rex? Where do you think The Bad Batch’s adventures will take them next? Geek Girl Authority has the navicomputer coordinates prepped for our jump next week into this new and exciting Star Wars series!


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