Last week, The Bad Batch were stranded on a desolate moon with a dragon that feeds on pure energy. Unfortunately, it’s no less dangerous this week on Star Wars: The Bad Batch, so if you want to avoid SPOILERS, stop reading and get ready to run to your Disney Plus account!

Still here? Then grab your blaster because we’re about to see some action!

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Though Wrecker complains it’s uninhabited and Omega (Michelle Ang) wants to explore more, Hunter decides that The Bad Batch (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) will hide from the Empire on the planet Idaflor.

Tech reveals they won’t make it to Idaflor without more fuel and rations. When Echo reveals, the Havoc Marauder is on an Imperial wanted list, the squad lands on Pantora: the nearest moon.

While Tech and Wrecker scramble the ship’s signature key (literally, in Wrecker’s case), Omega goes with Echo (disguised as a droid) and Hunter to barter for supplies.

Tech bribes the local dockmaster, but the dockmaster discreetly makes a call to a mysterious woman. Looking at a hologram of Omega, she tells the dockmaster to give her the coordinates and make sure the shuttle doesn’t leave.

As they make their way through the city, the supply run stumbles upon an Imperial victory parade. Pantorans and aliens of all kinds cheer the marching clone troopers, celebrating the end of the Clone Wars. Seeing another chain code station like on Saleucami, Hunter urges them that they should get what they need and leave quickly. But, Omega asks, isn’t it good that the war is over? Echo clarifies that it depends on which side you are on.

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Hunter and Echo try to avoid Imperial detection on Pantora.

Change is happening across the galaxy and a lot faster than the fugitive Echo (Dee Bradley Baker), Omega (Michelle Ang), and Hunter (Dee Bradley Baker) would like.

As Tech and Wrecker repair the Havoc Marauder, Hunter fails to get a Gran trader to buy the squad’s last explosive. However, the trader is interested in Hunter’s “droid.” Though Echo protests, Hunter assures him that The Bad Batch will come back for him after getting the supplies.

Hunter sells a "droid".

Desperate for credits, Hunter sells his “droid” Echo to a local trader.

As Hunter sells the “droid” for 3,000 credits, Omega gets distracted by a passing crate of alien puppies. When one of them tries to eat her clone trooper doll, she chases after it. The mysterious woman from before, Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen, reprising her role from The Mandalorian), “stumbles upon” Omega, offering to help the lost girl find her friends.

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As Hunter tracks down Omega, Fennec steals some fruit for them. Omega notices the blaster hidden on her leg. Omega protests that they didn’t pay for them. Fennec counters that it’s okay to break the rules sometimes. Omega asks if she is a soldier, and that’s why she has a blaster? Fennec claims it is for her protection.

Fennec Shand gets closer to her target.

An assassin named Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) gets closer to her target by masquerading as a helpful stranger.

Hunter catches up and shouts at Omega to step away from Fennec. Fennec puts on her helmet and begins shooting at Hunter. Hunter tells Omega to run, and Fennec knocks her out. As Pantoran police notice the attack, Fennec runs after Omega.

Hunter comes to and warns the rest of the squad about Fennec. Wrecker goes to help Omega, so Echo conscripts the trader’s droids to help repair the shuttle.

Tech taps into the Pantoran surveillance systems, seeing that Omega has entered the maintenance tunnels, with Fennec right behind her. Wrecker finds Omega holding off Fennec while Omega escapes up a hatch. Unfortunately, Fennec tricks Wrecker into hitting a steam panel, and Omega finds herself not at the street level but atop a tower.

When Fennec starts blasting her way through the maintenance hatch, Omega loses her balance and is hanging from the tower. Hunter hijacks a speeder bike and goes after Omega. Fennec grabs Omega and throws them both onto a passing speeder truck. Fennec assures Omega that she’ll “thank [Fennec] later” for taking Omega.

Omega finds her life threatened on Pantora.

Omega suddenly finds herself a target for murderous forces.

As Wrecker comes to and makes his way back to the shuttle, Fennec is blasting away at Hunter from the back of the truck. Omega activates the truck bed’s hydraulics, dumping the contents (and Fennec) onto a nearby airspeeder. Unfortunately, Omega loses her balance and finds herself hanging from the truck by a loose strap.

Fennec hijacks the airspeeder just as the Pantoran police finally catch up. Unfortunately, Fennec shoots and kills the two police officers. Omega loses her grip, but Hunter manages to grab her in time. Using the explosive he failed to sell, Hunter destroys Fennec’s airspeeder. Forced to bail out and grounded, Fennec can do nothing but watch as Hunter and Omega speed away.

The Bad Batch runs aboard the now-repaired shuttle, even as the dockmaster pleads with them not to leave yet.

Hunter theorizes that the woman must have been a bounty hunter (which Echo explains to Omega is someone paid to retrieve targets). Tech concludes that she was after Omega. Hunter is determined to find out who she is and who hired her?

Back on Pantora, the terrified dockmaster is surprised when Fennec pays him instead of killing him. Fennec states that he knows how to contact her if The Bad Batch comes back. Fennec then gets on her comm, informing (likely her employer): “The target got away, but I’ll find her.”

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