Last week on Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the Bad Batch rescued Omega from the clutches of a villainous bounty hunter: Cad Bane. Omega might be safe now, but the Star Wars galaxy is no less dangerous for our squad of defective clone defectors. Be sure to catch up on the first nine episodes of The Bad Batch before continuing to read, because there will be SPOILERS!

Still here? Then saddle up and get your transports moving, because the second half of The Bad Batch Season One is off to an explosive start!

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Our episode opens on the planet Raxus Secundus: the former capital of the short-lived “Confederacy of Independent Systems.” After the arrests and massacres carried out by Moff Wilhuff Tarkin on Antar 4 (infamously known as the “Antar Atrocity” in the novel Star Wars: Tarkin by James Luceno), Raxus was one of many former Separatist worlds after the Clone Wars to surrender to Imperial custody.

Senator Avi Singh speaks to the people of Raxus on Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

The popular Senator Avi Singh acts as a mouthpiece for the Imperial occupation of formerly-Separatist Raxus Secundus.

Speaking from the balcony of the Separatist Parliament, Captain Bragg (Shelby Young) addresses the gathered crowd in the capital city of Raxulon. The Galactic Empire promises to treat all former Separatists fairly in exchange for their loyalty to the New Order. However, insurgents harass the clone troopers, so the Imperials implemented a mandatory curfew.

Behind Bragg, an elderly gentleman wrings his hands. This is Senator Avi Singh (Alexander Siddig), who represented Raxus in the Separatist Parliament. Singh laments to his protocol droid, GS-8 (Sian Clifford), that the Separatist cause has ended with him becoming a puppet for this new Empire. GS-8 warns Singh that if he does not comply, the Empire will likely arrest or kill him as they did the other Separatist leaders.

Singh begins his speech, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and embracing the idea of a unified galaxy under the Empire. However, he cannot bring himself to continue.

Singh declares that it is his duty to act in the best interest of the people of Raxus, and he cannot condone an unjust military occupation. The crowd’s cheers turn to boos as clone troopers haul Singh off the platform. Bragg orders the clones to disperse the crowd, using AT-TEs to do so.

As clone troopers move in to lock down the capital, GS-8 comms an unknown party, requesting assistance to rescue Senator Singh from Imperial authorities.

On Ord Mantell, Omega (Michelle Ang) and Wrecker enjoy a carton of Mantell Mix after another mission well done by the Bad Batch (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker). Tech advises that with two bounty hunters now after Omega, they should put their missions on hiatus and keep a low profile. Hunter agrees, feeling that Omega has been put through too much already.

However, as they arrive at Cid’s gambling parlor, Cid (Rhea Perlman) announces she has a new mission for them. The Bad Batch will extract Senator Avi Singh from Imperial confinement on Raxus. Cid’s client has the coordinates and instructions on how to get there.

Hunter flatly refuses to help a Separatist. Cid reminds him that the Bad Batch’s debt still isn’t paid. Hunter also adds that he won’t bring Omega to a planet now swarming with occupying Imperials. Cid offers to keep an eye on Omega while the Bad Batch is away. Hunter doesn’t trust Cid, but Cid points out that keeping the kid safe is in her best interest as long as the Bad Batch is out making money for her.

Omega is upset that she’s being left behind, and reminds Hunter that she’s just as much a part of the Bad Batch as the rest of them. Hunter remarks that soldiers need to follow orders, and tells Omega to stay in the parlor and don’t go far from Cid. As the Bad Batch departs, Cid immediately puts Omega to work scrubbing down the bar.

Omega protests being left on Ord Mantell by Hunter.

Despite Omega’s protests, Hunter leaves her behind with Cid while the Bad Batch departs for their mission to Raxus.

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Aboard the Havoc Marauder, Echo repeatedly voices his dissent about helping a Separatist. As they descend into the atmosphere, a squadron of V-Wings hails the shuttle and demands their clearance codes. Echo warns that it could be a trap: some Separatist die-hard looking to kill a few last clones before the Empire gets him. However, Hunter orders Tech to send the client’s codes, and the V-Wings back off.

The Havoc Marauder lands in the forest outside Raxulon. Tech and Echo continue to argue whether the client being a Separatist is relevant. Hunter orders them to drop the politics and focus on the mission.

It is then that GS-8 emerges and announces itself to be their client. The Bad Batch is shocked they are working for a Separatist DROID?? Nevertheless, the squad agrees to follow the protocol droid into the Imperial-occupied city.

The Bad Batch meets GS-8 on Raxus.

GS-8 introduces itself as the Bad Batch’s client, who hired them to free Senator Singh.

Back on Ord Mantell, Omega mopes about being left behind. Omega complains to Cid that it’s not fair she didn’t get to go on the mission. Cid replies that life isn’t fair and urges Omega to do something about it rather than pout! Cid claims that the other clones wouldn’t have left her behind if she wasn’t so helpless.

Omega angrily insists that she’s not helpless, and asks how much Hunter is paying Cid to keep Omega safe. “Not enough,” the annoyed Trandoshan scoffs.

At the residence of Avi Singh, Tech scans and identifies six clones guarding the exterior. There are far, FAR more inside the residence, with at least four guarding the Senator himself in the basement. A distrusting Echo accuses GS-8 of setting them up, but GS-8 insists that its programming does not allow it to endanger allies of its master.

Tech hacks into a surveillance system.

The Bad Batch infiltrate Senator Singh’s residence, to rescue the captive Separatist.

Using GS-8 as a distraction, the Bad Batch stun the guards. Tech hacks into the compound’s surveillance system, getting access to the camera feeds. Echo and Wrecker will clear the upper levels to make an escape route for the squad, while GS-8 goes with Hunter and Tech to retrieve the Senator.

Making their way through the main level, Hunter gives orders to both Tech AND Omega. Tech reminds Hunter that Omega isn’t with them. Hunter and Tech knock out the guards and continue down to the basement.

Back on Ord Mantell, Cid plays dejarik with Ketch (Sam Riegel), as Bolo (Liam O’Brien) cheers him on. Cid is losing (badly), so both Bolo and Ketch are convinced this win is a sure-bet. Omega warns Cid not to move her K’lor’slug, and sure enough, it’s killed by Ketch’s Kintan Strider.

Annoyed by Omega’s “I told you so,” Cid asks the “expert” to make her next move. Omega expertly moves Cid’s Mantellian Savrip into position, wiping out Ketch’s Kintan Strider AND M’onnok in a single move!

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Cid discovers that Omega is a natural dejarik player.

Dejarik is a Star Wars game second in popularity to only sabacc. It is a brutal holochess game where two players take control of four monsters each, making them fight each other in gladiatorial combat.

Dumbfounded, Cid asks Omega where she learned to play like that. Omega simply replies that she’s good with strategy. Cid offers to let Omega play a few matches in exchange for 30 percent of the bets. Omega counters that she will do it for 60 percent.

In the basement of Senator Singh’s house, Captain Bragg accuses Singh of openly inciting insurrection against Imperial law. Bragg is disappointed: she thought they had an understanding. Singh insists that his loyalty will always be to Raxus, not the Empire. Singh declares that draconian tactics won’t work on him. Bragg coyly replies he would be the first to do so, as an Imperial interrogation droid prepares to torture him.

The Empire attempts to extract information from Senator Singh.

Captain Bragg uses an interrogation droid to coerce and torture information about the Separatists from Senator Singh.

Fortunately, Hunter and Tech burst in and stun all but Senator Singh. Tech reveals they triggered an alert when they stunned Bragg: their position is now compromised.

With the Senator in tow, the Bad Batch arrives on the roof. Hunter decides to commandeer one of the AT-TEs, and literally blast their way out. Attaching grapple lines from the roof, Tech and Echo stun the walker crew. The rest of them climb aboard as Bragg comes to and alerts the occupation about the commandeered walker.

One of the other walkers knocks out the rear axle of the Bad Batch’s AT-TE. As Tech repairs it, Hunter and Wrecker hold off the other clones with blasters set to stun and stun grenades.

The Bad Batch face off against clone troopers and walkers on Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

The Bad Batch struggles to repair their damaged AT-TE as they hold off Imperial clone troopers and enemy walkers.

Though repairs are completed, another walker is in close pursuit. Singh orders the Bad Batch to enter a dead-end alleyway, urging them to trust him. Singh reveals that there’s an old subterranean passage that the Empire doesn’t know about. Using an explosive to blast a hole in the wall, and then using another explosive to cover the hole back up, the fugitives escape the city.

The Bad Batch escape Raxus just as their walker is destroyed.

The Imperial walker destroys the Bad Batch’s AT-TE, but not before they manage to escape into hidden subterranean tunnels.

At the Havoc Marauder, Singh suddenly pauses. He cannot abandon his people to their Imperial oppressors. GS-8 insists that Singh cannot help them if he is an Imperial captive. Singh remains unconvinced until Echo points out the importance of living to fight another day. Consigning himself to the situation, Singh climbs aboard and the Havoc Marauder departs.

Arriving back on Ord Mantell, a surprised Bad Batch sees a crowd has gathered at Cid’s. Omega is currently in a high-stakes dejarik game with a Pantoran patron. Omega’s M’onnok seems cornered by her opponent’s Mnatellian Savrip and Kintan Strider, but she springs her trap! The M’onnok kills both monsters, and Omega wins again!

Seeing the expression on Hunter’s face, Cid begins clearing out the parlor. Wrecker is impressed with Omega’s skills, but Hunter is angry at both Omega and Cid for failing to keep a low profile. Cid scolds Hunter to ease up: Omega made enough money off her dejarik matches to pay off the Bad Batch’s entire debt! Cid pleads with Hunter to show a little more gratitude to her new friend.

As Cid goes with Senator Singh to discuss payment for his rescue, Hunter asks Omega if she really paid off the debt. Omega states that she just wanted to be useful, even if she wasn’t on a mission. Hunter offers a test for Omega. One dejarik match: Omega versus Hunter. If she wins, she will never have to sit out another mission again. Omega eagerly agrees, and the two begin to play.

Hunter and Omega play holochess on Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

As they play a game of dejarik together, Hunter and Omega continue to bond.

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What did you think about this episode? Do you think the Bad Batch is starting to have a new understanding about the Separatists they once fought against? Will the Bad Batch now move on from Ord Mantell, with their debt to Cid now completely paid off? Where will they go next? Who do you think will win in the dejarik match between Omega and Hunter? (We’re betting Omega: she had some pretty clever moves!)

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