Last week on Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the Bad Batch barely survived one deadly encounter on Bracca to only barely escape an even deadlier encounter! Cad Bane ambushed Hunter and Omega, almost killing Hunter and taking the unconscious Omega captive. The adrenaline-pumping chase comes to a conclusion with this episode, but if you want to see how we got here, make sure to avoid those SPOILERS by watching last week’s episode first!

Still here? Then, prep for a lightspeed jump, because the Bad Batch is going on a rescue mission!

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In Bracca’s atmosphere, the Bad Batch (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) is speeding off to orbit, with Crosshair (also Dee Bradley Baker) in hot pursuit. Despite his severe injuries, Crosshair refuses to let his former squad escape. Hunter insists on finding the bounty hunter and Omega. Echo barks that they can’t find her if Crosshair shoots them down first. Hunter reluctantly orders Tech to make the jump. The Havoc Marauder leaps away just before Crosshair can land a killing blow.

Omega (Michelle Ang) wakes aboard the bounty hunter’s ship as Todo 360 (Seth Green) gloats that her comm has been removed and stored in one of the ship’s secure compartments. Omega demands to be released, but Todo advises her to cooperate.

Cad Bane (Corey Burton) introduces himself to Omega and urges her not to cause any trouble. Omega warns that he will be sorry when the Bad Batch arrives, but Bane insists that no one is coming for her.

Cad Bane introduces himself to the imprisoned Omega.

Not just for fashion: Cad Bane is sporting some new cybernetics under that hat.

In the cockpit, Bane contacts his employer: Prime Minister Lama Su (Bob Bergen). Bane reports that he has Omega, and he expects extra pay for bringing her in alive.

On Kamino, Nala Se (Gwendoline Yeo) offers to make the payment and collect Omega. Lama Su denies the request, citing that Nala Se is too attached to their “property” and that it threatens the Kaminoan cloning operation. Instead, Lama Su tasks Taun We (reprised by Rena Owen from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones) to meet Cad Bane with his unmarked credits at an abandoned Kaminoan facility on the gas giant Bora Vio.

Lama Su tasks Taun We with retrieving Omega.

Despite Nala Se’s doubts and concerns about Omega’s future, Lama Su moves ahead with his plan to retrieve the runaway clone from Cad Bane.

Lama Su orders Nala Se that once Omega is retrieved, the young clone will be confined on Tipoca City’s sublevel. Once they retrieve her genetic material, Omega will be terminated.

On the Havoc Marauder, Hunter identifies the bounty hunter as Cad Bane. Echo remarks that in addition to having multiple run-ins with Jedi, Bane is also infamous for attempting to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine! Wrecker asks why so many bounty hunters are after Omega.

Tech, having completed a full in-depth analysis of Omega’s genetics, reveals that Omega is more important than any of them realized. Omega has “pure” clone DNA. While most clones had their genetics tampered with by the Kaminoans (primarily growth acceleration and increased obedience), Omega (aside from her gender) is an exact genetic replication of Jango Fett.

The only other clone like that ever grown on Kamino was a clone named “Alpha,” who Jango Fett adopted and renamed “Boba” as part of his fee.

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The death of Jango Fett and the disappearance of his “son” Boba at the start of the Clone Wars makes Omega the only surviving source of raw genetic material for the Fett genome. Echo realizes that the Kaminoans must have put the bounty on Omega.

If anything ever happened to the Prime Clone template, the Kaminoans would need Omega to continue producing Fett clones. Hunter orders Tech to ask Cid for help, while the rest of the squad monitors the comms for any sign of where Omega might be.

Omega repairs and secretly sabotages Todo.

Omega uses the repair of Todo 360 as an opportunity to escape and call for help.

Back on Bane’s ship, Todo attempts to reattach his booster leg. Omega offers to help, but Todo insists that he cannot trust the prisoner. However, after multiple tries, Todo relents when Omega points out that she is just a kid, and there’s no way to get off the ship anyways. Todo gives Omega the hydrospanner, warning her not to try anything. Omega does repair the leg, but then temporarily deactivates Todo.

As the ship exits hyperspace and Cad Bane asks for Todo’s help in the cockpit, Omega quickly searches the storage compartments for her comm. She manages to get the comm just as Bane lands the ship and comes back to investigate. Fleeing the ship, Omega tries reaching out on her comm.

Bora Vio on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Though similar in architecture to Kamino, the Kaminoan cloning facility on Bora Vio was constructed in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant.

Back on the Havoc Marauder, the Bad Batch is scanning the frequencies for even the faintest signal when Omega comes through at long-range. Echo tries to boost the signal, but Omega’s comm is too weak to directly trace and Omega doesn’t know where she is. Tech suggests creating a power surge large enough for the Bad Batch to detect from a nearby system.

Omega contacts The Bad Batch on her comm

Alone and on the run, Omega tries to reunite with the rest of The Bad Batch.

Omega recognizes the Kaminoan systems from her work on Kamino, but before she can attempt to overload the facility’s main power grid, Cad Bane catches up to her and smashes her comm. As Bane puts Omega in electro-shackles and drags her away, Todo reports that an unknown ship is approaching. Bane orders Todo to investigate.

Suddenly, Bane and Omega hear a blaster shot. Omega boasts that she told Bane he would be sorry. Bane orders her to be quiet. Upon investigating, they find the recently shot Taun We. Omega tries to help Taun We, but then Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) emerges from the shadows.

Cad Bane faces off against Fennec Shand.

After a different bounty for the same target, Fennec Shand confronts Cad Bane.

Bane tips his hat to Fennec but warns that she shouldn’t be messing with Bane’s bounty. Fennec coyly remarks that she and Omega go way back, but Bane again warns that Fennec is too inexperienced to challenge him. Fennec reveals she has the case with the Kaminoan payment, using it as a deterrent. She offers a trade: Bane gets his money, and Fennec walks away with Omega.

Bane agrees, but then Todo sneaks up behind Fennec and steals the case. With Fennec’s only bargaining chip gone, the two hunters open fire. Bane throws a thermal detonator, which Fennec lobs at Todo. Todo uses the case to shield himself, causing the credits to scatter into the skies below.

Omega runs off as Bane furiously blasts at Fennec. Bane orders Todo to grab Omega. However, as he pursues Fennec, she leaves an explosive booby trap for him. While Bane leaps away from the blast, he is knocked unconscious.

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Deeper in the facility, Omega stumbles upon a lab with failed Kaminoan cloning experiments. Using one of the panels, she reactivates one of the facility’s comm relays. The Bad Batch picks up the signal from Bora Vio in the Lido system, racing off through hyperspace to Omega.

Omega rediscovers an abandoned Kaminoan cloning lab

On Bora Vio, Omega has an existential realization about what she is and where she comes from.

Fennec arrives and claims that the Bad Batch won’t arrive in time to save Omega. Fennec claims that Omega should thank her for killing Taun We. What Lama Su has planned for her is far worse than what Fennec’s employer wants. Omega asks why Lama Su wants her. Fennec coldly replies that Omega already knows the answer to that, as Omega uncomfortably looks at one of the cloning growth jars.

Fennec tries to persuade Omega, but Todo arrives. As Fennec disables and knocks out the techno-service droid, Omega detaches one of the growth jars, causing it to collapse and shatter on top of Fennec. As Fennec rolls the dead Kaminoan clone off of her, Omega runs away.

Omega notices the facility has Kaminoan flight pods, but Cad Bane catches up to her. Fortunately for Omega, Fennec arrives and Omega is able to slip away during the fighting. Despite the efforts of Todo, Omega makes it to one of the flight pods and launches away. Though Bane manages to get the upper hand and knocks out Fennec, Todo alerts him that Omega is escaping. Bane orders Todo to get to Bane’s ship and pursue.

Though Omega is finally escaping, the antiquated flight pod runs out of fuel. Before it can reach crush depth on the gas giant, the flight pod suddenly stops falling. As the airlock starts to unlock, Omega braces to see Todo and expects capture again.

However, it is Wrecker that greets Omega. The flight pod was intercepted by the Havoc Marauder! As Omega climbs aboard, the Bad Batch jumps away. A grateful but scared Omega tearfully asks Hunter why the Kaminoans want her so badly. At Echo’s encouragement, Hunter explains why Omega is the most valuable clone in the galaxy.

Bane and Todo rush to get their ship off the landing pad, but Bane’s systems have been sabotaged by Fennec. As Fennec departs Bora Vio, Nala Se asks for an update. Fennec reports that the Bad Batch rescued Omega. Fennec offers to track the Havoc Marauder for extra pay, but Nala Se declines and transfers Fennec her payment.

Nala Se just wants Omega to be safe, and right now, “safe” is out of Lama Su’s hands. Fennec states that if Nala Se changes her mind, the Kaminoan knows how to reach her.

As the Bad Batch gets some rest, a sleepless Omega talks with an equally restless Hunter. Thinking about the lab she saw on Bora Vio, Omega confesses that she doesn’t want to become an experiment in a test tube.

Though Hunter declares that won’t happen, Omega sadly realizes that Lama Su will never stop sending bounty hunters after her, and even the Bad Batch can’t fight them all. Hunter gives Omega a heartfelt promise that she will never go back to Kamino again.

Hunter promises to keep Omega safe.

Hunter promises that the Bad Batch will keep Omega safe from the Imperials and Kaminoans who are after her.

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How did you feel about the return of both Cad Bane and Fennec Shand? Omega’s status as a “pure clone” of Jango Fett, but being female, offers the intriguing possibility that Omega is transgender rather than engineered and assigned female at birth (which would be a nice little Easter egg for Star Wars to cap off Pride Month). Were you saddened by Taun We’s death? Who would be worse if they captured Omega: Crosshair or Lama Su?

Certainly, this isn’t the last we’ll see of Cad Bane or Fennec Shand in Star Wars: The Bad Batch. As we cross into the second half of Season One, things are sure to heat up even more (which would be objectively impressive, given how heart-pounding this series has been so far)!

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