Last week on Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the Bad Batch ran into some smuggling sisters who Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans probably recognized, and good soldiers follow orders. Watch good soldiers follow orders in the latest episode, or else good SPOILERS follow SPOILERS.

Good soldiers? Then, follow orders…

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We open the episode with the Bad Batch (all played by Dee Bradley Baker) and Omega (Michelle Ang) on the run. After stealing an alien lizard from the Rhokai, their fighters are now in pursuit of the Havoc Marauder. With Hunter manning the guns, Echo finally gets the hyperdrive operational and the Bad Batch successfully escapes.

Back on Ord Mantell, Cid (Rhea Perlman) has the Bad Batch bring the lizard back into her office so they can get paid. Wrecker asks if he and Omega can go, saying “it” is a post-mission tradition. As Wrecker and Omega leave, a mysterious hooded figure watches Hunter.

In Cid’s office, the small amount of credits offends Hunter, when the promised job was supposed to pay three times that. Cid explains that she has deducted the cost of their debt. Hunter lists off the bills: docking fees, fuel, rations … wait, who bought TWENTY cartons of Mantell Mix?!?

Omega and Wrecker get a post-mission treat.

Cut to Omega and Wrecker, ordering another two cartons of the popcorn-like Mantell Mix (which Wrecker puts on Cid’s tab).

Cid explains that she doesn’t do charity. Since the Bad Batch bungled the tactical droid heist, they now need a really big score to settle up their debt.

Before they can argue further, they hear blaster shots in the gambling den. As the Bad Batch and Cid rush in, they see the alien patrons rushing out, and the hooded man has a blaster drawn. When Cid demands to know the mysterious man’s identity, he pulls down his hood to reveal … Rex?!?

Rex on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch reunites with Rex, former Captain of the 501st Legion.

Rex (also Dee Bradley Baker) shocks the Bad Batch, as Imperial files have him listed as “killed in action.” The Martez sisters’ contact is revealed to be Rex. When Rex asks about the kid that Rafa mentioned, he is equally shocked when Hunter reveals that Omega is also a clone.

When Wrecker and Omega return, Rex is amazed to meet a female clone. From just a glance, Omega correctly identifies that Rex as a first-generation clone trooper (one of the very first grown after Sifo-Dyas commissioned the clone army over a decade ago).

Wrecker’s head starts hurting again, and Rex grows immediately suspicious. That suspicion only grows when the Bad Batch shares that the headaches have been growing more frequent. Tech tries to assuage Rex’s fears by stating that the inhibitor chips don’t function properly in the “defective” clones. However, a horrified Rex only becomes more tense and alert upon learning that none of the Bad Batch removed their chips?!?

Rex prepares to defend himself after learning the Bad Batch still have inhibitor chips.

Rex warns the Bad Batch that they must remove their inhibitor chips immediately, going so far as to almost draw his blaster on them.

Rex warns that the inhibitor chips are more dangerous than they realize, and warns that he doesn’t want to bury anymore of his “brothers.” Hunter asks how to remove the inhibitor chips.

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Cut to the Havoc Marauder in hyperspace, en route to Bracca. Wrecker is uncomfortable with Rex “cutting open” their heads. Omega clarifies not all: she doesn’t have an inhibitor chip. Wrecker asks why, but Hunter cuts him off by asking about Tech’s chip scanner. Using Rex’s brain as a baseline, Tech is almost finished.

Bracca in Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The Havoc Marauder arrives at the starship graveyard on Bracca.

The Havoc Marauder lands inside the rusted hangar of a grounded ship, to avoid patrols by the local Scrapper Guild. Their goal is a Venator-class Star Destroyer. Specifically, the medbay of a Venator-class Star Destroyer: the next best thing to a Kamino medical facility.

On the way inside of the Star Destroyer, Rex explains how he didn’t listen when Fives tried to warn about the inhibitor chips and it almost didn’t end well. When Echo asks how Rex got his chip out, Rex vaguely answers that he had help.

After coming upon a wide gap, the clones rig a cable to bridge the gap. Unfortunately, the heavy Wrecker causes the cable to snap. Suspended over the water below, he becomes grappled by a garbage-eating dianoga.

Dianoga on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

“Blast it, will you! My gun’s jammed!” “Where?” “ANYWHERE!!”

With Echo providing covering fire, Wrecker climbs up and away from the squid-like monster.

The clones finally reach the medbay, where Echo begins calibrating the surgical pod. As Tech begins scanning Wrecker, Omega shares her concerns with Hunter. Omega recognizes that this surgery, especially in such unsterile conditions, is dangerous. Rex insists that leaving the inhibitor chips intact is far more dangerous. Hunter reassures Omega that the Bad Batch aren’t going anywhere.

Wrecker’s headaches grow in intensity and he rips the scanner off. Rex warns that they need to operate now. As Tech and Echo prepare to put Wrecker under, Rex shares how rare it was for clones to resist the inhibitor chips and Order 66. Hunter reveals that they couldn’t save Master Depa Billaba, but he at least helped her Padawan escape.

And then it happens. No warning, no cry of pain. Just a “good soldier following orders.”

Wrecker starts choking Tech, claiming that Clone Force 99 violated Order 66. The childlike Wrecker we knew and loved now replaced by a towering killing machine. Rex tries to stun Wrecker before he can kill Tech, but Wrecker easily knocks the pistol out of Rex’s hand. As Wrecker opens fire on the “traitors,” the remaining clones lure Wrecker away to prevent him from damaging the medical equipment. Hunter orders Omega to stay with Tech.

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Rex and the Bad Batch try their best to distract Wrecker, but in the close quarters of a starship corridor, Wrecker easily gets the upper hand. Declaring that all clones who violate Order 66 must be terminated, Wrecker begins to strangle Hunter.

That’s when Omega fires a warning shot at Wrecker using Wrecker’s blaster. Omega runs, with Wrecker in hot pursuit. Easily lifting jammed doors and tearing away cover, Wrecker quickly finds Omega’s hiding place.

Omega confronts Wrecker on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Omega finds herself confronting her brainwashed friend alone.

Omega pleads with Wrecker that she doesn’t want to hurt him, to which Wrecker simply replies that Omega conspired with traitors. Unable to bring herself to shoot him, Wrecker grabs his blaster back. Omega begs that she is Wrecker’s friend, to which Wrecker visibly struggles to say, “Good soldiers follow orders…”

Before he can shoot, Rex arrives to stun Wrecker.

Back at the medbay, after a long procedure, Wrecker is alive and his inhibitor chip is removed. However, Wrecker will not wake, and Tech is not sure he will regain consciousness? Omega insists on staying by his side until Wrecker wakes up.

Fortunately, Wrecker does wake, and he seems to be back to his old self? Soon, all the Bad Batch’s chips get removed as well.

After the last operation, Wrecker apologizes to Omega. Wrecker was trying to control himself, but he couldn’t make himself stop. Omega forgives Wrecker, and reminds him that they technically finished a mission? She pulls a handful of Mantell Mix out of her pocket, and the two continue their tradition (and their friendship) over a snack.

Topside, Hunter meets with Rex, on the comm with a rebel contact. Rex has spent his entire life fighting for the Republic, and he isn’t about to stop now. Hunter reminds Rex that the Republic is gone, but Rex points out that they are still here. Rex can help the others out there who still believe in the Republic.

Hunter and Rex on Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Hunter and Rex share their hopes for the future, as well as pledging to support each other.

Rex offers to have the Bad Batch join him, but Hunter insists that he has to do what is best for his squad and what is best for Omega. (Though Hunter admits he doesn’t know what that is yet.) Rex offers to let Hunter revisit his offer once the Bad Batch’s affairs are all sorted out. Hunter likewise offers that if Rex ever runs into trouble, he now knows how to reach them.

Meanwhile, a Scrapper Guild patrol spies on Hunter with a pair of macrobinoculars. One of them tells the other to notify the Empire about intruders on a Jedi cruiser…

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Were you equally terrified by “Good Soldier” Wrecker? Will the Scrapper Guild’s tip-off lead to an earlier-than-anticipated reunion between the Bad Batch and Crosshair? Can Crosshair return to his old self now that the Bad Batch knows how to remove the inhibitor chips?

What is Rex’s band of proto-Rebels shaping up to be? Warm yourself up a carton of Mantell Mix and relax: Geek Girl Authority will tackle this mission to gather all the intel on Star Wars: The Bad Batch and more!

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