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Hey Sabina here! Star Wars Rebels has officially premiered tonight on Disney XD and ‘Spark of Rebellion’ is followed up by another solid episode filled with some pretty neat surprises.

In ‘Droids of Distress’ we find our new favorite crew on a run to steal a shipment meant for the Empire in order to sell it to a third party at a high bidder. Not knowing what the cargo is, our friends take the gig in order to replenish their resources and survive. Zeb voices his concern about selling unknown weapons to arms re-distributors but the crew agrees that they need the money. At least they’re not going to be in the empire’s hands, right?

They intercept the Minister who’s handling the transaction over the the Empire by getting the protocol droids aiding her in translating with the dealer, moved to the back. Droids who turn out to be none other than our old pals C-3PO and R2-D2. So after Chopper pretends to go on the fritz, getting himself and our fave droid duo kicked out the passenger area, Sabine chimes in to step in as translator for the Minister. She effectively discovers where the cargo they’re stealing is but gives the Minister the wrong location to give them some time.

When they land, Sabine tells Ezra the location of the weapons so he could break into the cargo hold through the vents and open the doors from the inside. He’s tiny and pretty good at that. Ezra complains that he thought he was supposed to be learning Jedi stuff and not how to steal to survive–something he already knows how to do. Seeing him jump from cargo hold rooftop to rooftop, just reinforces his resemblance to Aladdin but in space.

Once Ezra lets the crew in to load Ghost with the crates, they take a peek at the cargo and discover that the weapons are some of the most dangerous ever made and outlawed by the Senate. Zeb cryptically expresses that he knows why the T-700 disruptors they’ve stolen were made forbidden as they load up the cargo.

Meanwhile, the Minister and her stormtroopers race to the right docking station when 3PO reveals they were misinformed and Chopper makes a last ditch effort to stall them by picking a fight with R2–which only blew their cover as they recognized him from the flight. When they make it to right place, most of the cargo is loaded and Zeb backs the rest of the crew up as they finish by handling the stormtroopers in a very aggressive manner. R2 leads 3PO onto Ghost for a little mission of his own.

Narrowly escaping, the team reconvenes to talk about what to do with the weapons. Zeb pleads with Kanan to not sell them but to get rid of them and make sure they’re taken out of circulation. Sabine pipes in and appeals to their sense of survival by pointing out that at least the weapons will not be in the Empire’s hands to be mass produced and they can make some credits to live. Zeb angrily retires to the room he shares with Ezra and kicks the kid out. Hera explains to Ezra why Zeb is touchy about the disruptors revealing that it’s because those weapons are what were used to clear out the people of his home planet Lasan. Ezra says he understands and Hera changes the subject to how Jedi training was going with Ezra reporting nothing yet on that front.

Hot on their tail, the Minister reports to Kallus that her transaction was interrupted by a rebel crew much like the one he dealt with and noted her surprise at seeing a Lasat. Kallus contemptuously replies that he has tracked them as he picked up on C-3PO’s distress call out.

As the Rebels begin their transaction, a few walkers get dropped on them and the warlord they tried to work with flees with a few T-700’s to avoid the Empire and paying. Kanan takes on the walkers with a blaster cannon to protect his friends. Kallus jumps in and challenges Zeb to fight with both of them wielding disruptors. in their intense battle Kallus reveals he made the call to take out the Lasats. Meanwhile, Kanan orders Sabine to destroy the disruptors they have to make sure the Empire can’t get their hands on the weapons. R2 suggests they overpower them and together they launch them at the troops and walkers–taking care of two problems. As the fight between Kallus and Zeb intensifies, Zeb loses his footing and Kallus is about to use a disruptor on him when Ezra uses the force to push Kallus back. Showing his ability on accident motivates Kanan to get them out of there. Hera takes the kid on board and the crew makes a break for it.

Back on board R2 reveals that it was his mission to make sure the T-700 disruptors never make it into the Empire’s hands. That his real owner had set them on that course and would pay handsomely for their return. The crew drops the droids off with the owner who thanks them and tells Kanan, “The simplest gesture of kindness can fill a galaxy with hope.” which he recognizes as an old Jedi saying. As Kanan walks away with his credits, the man we know as Bail Organa wishes him and the crew safe travels. Once he is out of sight, Organa turns to his companions and asks if they recorded everything. R2 beep boops as he begins playback. Organa tells him to focus on the Imperialist intel later that for now he was more interested in seeing what he had on the rebels. The utter squee of joy I made at Bail keeping tabs on their rebellion was almost droid-like. Also, look at R2 being a badass double agent. Aww yeah!

Check in next week for my recap of the forthcoming episode. To talk more Star Wars Rebels and SW Universe tweet me @wicked_phoenix.

May the Force be with you.


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