Just announced by Dave Filoni at his Star Wars Rebels panel at Celebration, season 4 is the last season of Rebels. Fans in the audience were very upset at the revelation. But as he said, it’s for the best.

Star Wars Rebels has entertained fans for years and it’s finally coming to an end. The cast were able to discuss their character’s journeys for the season during the panel and of course were coy about the results. But towards the end of the panel Filoni got up to make an announcement. He said that Rebels would be ending and it was his decision this time, much unlike the Clone Wars cancellation. He was proud of the show and what it’s done for fans as well as continuing the story.

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But, among all the sadness, he did have some good news. For one thing, this isn’t the last animated show coming from him. So there will be more animated stories to come in the upcoming years. But he debuted the season 4 trailer for Rebels as well.

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