Do you love Star Wars? Are you afraid of the root canals? Well fear no more! This dentist promises that the root canal procedure has never been easier thanks to lasers! And in his own words, “lasers aren’t just for X-Wings anymore”.

JS Abernathy Dental took their advertising to the next level. How? By inserting, who we believe is, Dr. Abernathy himself as Luke Skywalker. In very clever editing, he’s able to explain the new process of treating root canals featuring lasers or Pips! as he calls them. And he sets it all in the backdrop of A New Hope. He destroys the Death Star, or rather, the infection, with his pip lasers and doesn’t get a medal for it. What a shame.


Not only did they use A New Hope footage, but also a scene from the infamous Christmas Special. With a snarky comment saying he wasn’t expecting that kind of celebration as Bea Arthur dances around with her alien customers. This commercial is pure gold. There’s always something endearing about local commercials but this one really takes the cake. Who can be upset about having a root canal when he references Star Wars

Check out the commercial for yourself below. Would you let him treat your root canal? Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Star Wars fun.

Erin Lynch

Erin Lynch

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