So while it’s technically a teaser, we got our first look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi and it was glorious. We caught glimpses of quite a few scenes but luckily we didn’t get too much spoiled for us. For what we did get, let’s look into it and see what we can pull from it while using hints we were given, shall we?

1 – Phasma is alive and well

While fans paying attention to the behind the scenes knew this – it’s been confirmed that Phasma is back. In a brief shot, we see her leading troopers through fire and destruction. Through editing it’s almost made to believe that they’re a part of the Jedi academy attack, but I think it’s unrelated. It seems the First Order isn’t so badly beaten as they’re able to plan attacks such as this one. Speaking of the First Order…

2 – The Resistance will be under attack

A kind of obvious one, certainly, but bear with me here. Leia is back in charge, using updated star maps. We see explosions in a base or ship with Poe Dameron running with BB-8 leading the way. Dameron is running towards his X-Wing but it’s blown up by an attack. It appears they’re on a ship as there’s a loading bay with a shield in the background. And a happy accident pause showed a missile entering the bay and impacting. So they’re being attacked from outside. Who found them in space? The Resistance was clearly unprepared for the attack – so has the First Order reconvened their forces to launch large scale attacks? Time will tell.

3 – Kylo will be unleashed without the mask

Kylo had used the mask in The Force Awakens as a way to hide who he was. He battled his emotions and the mask hid who he was and what he was battling. It empowered him. It made him feel stronger. Now, as the trailer showed, his mask is in pieces. He can rebuild it of course but it looks like he won’t be using it. And his angry eyes in the trailer show us he’ll still be struggling with his emotions. But he won’t be using the mask to hide it anymore. His cut is also similar to his grandfather’s cut. Yes, I went there.

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4 – We will truly learned what happened to Luke’s Jedi Order

While it was hinted at in The Force Awakens, we’ll definitely be learning and seeing what really happened. In a shot we see Luke falling to his knees next to R2. A building, most likely the building that Luke used for training, is on fire and falling apart. The reason why we know (or think we know) this to be the fall of that school – the bodies strewn on the ground in front of him. I will bend and say that they could all be rocks but it’s very likely that the scene is the fall of the Order. It’s also significant to Luke’s current state of mind towards the Jedi.

5 – Rey will learn about the Force through meditation

Just as Yoda taught Luke, the training Rey will undergo will be through lots of meditation. The voiceover itself gives this away as he’s telling her to breathe and tell him what she sees. What we do know is that whatever meditation Luke’s learned, he done with the Jedi. Whether this is because of his school falling apart or through his own Force visions, we’ll learn in the movie. But it’s important to note that she’s not being trained as a Jedi. At least we don’t think so. He’s training her in the Jedi arts, certainly, but he does not want any more Jedi. And with his voiceover saying there’s so much more to the light and dark, his vision is that of balance and not just being a “Jedi” or “Sith”. There’s so much more to the Force.

We also see that Luke has just a few books. The Jedi Order of old had a large library filled with information but it looks like Luke was only able to find a few. One of those is seemingly The Whills, a Jedi bible if you will. We won’t dive into that right now, but these books may be significant in Rey’s training if not then at least how Luke has formed his current view. Whatever training he’s giving her, we know it’s physically tolling, given that the first shot is Rey gasping for breath. We learned from Daisy Ridley at the panel today that her relationship with Luke isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, so it will all be exhausting for Rey. But for us, it’s all exciting!

There were things left out such as anything else regarding Finn, Kelly Marie Tran’s new character Rose, Laura Dern’s character and more new characters. We also don’t see too much else as the trailer was focused more on Rey and her training with Luke more than anything else. Hopefully we get to see more of these new characters in the next trailer!

What do you think of the trailer? Is there something you learned that you think we should have mentioned? Let us know. Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Episode VIII news.


Erin Lynch