Before the trailer was played, they unveiled the new poster for Episode 8 and it’s fantastic. It’s highly simplistic and really emphasizes the most important characters in this next film.

We see Rey, holding her lightsaber aloft, the only blue cutting through the red. Why is it so red? Well Kylo and Luke’s faces are enlarged, half and half. The two sides of Rey’s coin. Luke is significantly larger though. We may be able to pull from that imagery that Luke will have a more significant influence on Rey, at least at first. But Kylo is there, still influencing. The light on the poster also looks like Kylo’s lightsaber.

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It’s quite different from the last poster. But it’s really simplistic and much more significant, I think. What do you think of the poster? Let us know! Star Wars The Last Jedi is in theaters in December 15th, 2017.