Director John M. Chu (Crazy Rich Asians) has called for “Justice for Rose Tico!”.  He wants to direct a series for Disney+ that focuses on Tico, a character that has not gotten a fair shake from fans… and that’s putting it lightly.  

Rose Tico has been a divisive character.  Some Star Wars fans brutally attacked the character, and the actor who played her (Kelly Marie Tran), with cruel, racist and disproportionate criticism after her first appearance in The Last Jedi.  Tran even left social media over the harassment she endured.  To put a cherry on top, many are very aware that Tico spent only 76 seconds on screen in The Rise of Skywalker (via Slate).  And, during that time she refused a call to action, in a move that was out of character, to the disappointment of fans who wanted atonement.  Collider reported Saturday.

Chu took to Twitter on Thursday to make his desires known.  Responses to his post have been largely positive.  Could this be a turning point for Rose Tico, and by extension, Tran?  We’re ready for it!  What do you think of the possibility of a Rose Tico series? 


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