Star Wars: Forces of Destiny began its second half of episodes on Disney XD yesterday. Lucky for those of us who don’t have Disney XD, the official Disney YouTube channel uploaded two of the episodes that aired last night. This time we follow Rey on the Falcon and Sabine working for the Rebellion.

Sabine enlists the help of her old friend Ketsu Onyo for a mission in “Newest Recruit”. The seemingly simple mission gets a little more complicated when stormtroopers arrive and a baby gets involved. But lucky for them, Hera is there to save the day and take them away from the Imperial facility. It’s also touched on that Ketsu has left the Black Sun and now works with the Rebellion.

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Rey is on the Millennium Falcon on the way to Maz’s castle on Takodana in “Tracker Trouble”. While on board, the ship is halted as a tracker is detected. With the help of Chewie and Finn, they’re able to locate the tracker. Only problem is that the tracker is also a bomb. With only seconds until it explodes, they’re able to get the bomb out of the ship and blast into Hyperdrive to avoid the blast.

I felt the Sabine episode was pretty cute. It gave another look at the relationship between Sabine and Ketsu. It’s always fun to have more join the Rebellion but I mostly liked the little bat-baby (its species known as Chadra-Fan). While in Rey’s episode, I wasn’t overly fond of Finn’s voice actor. He had a very strange voice while trying to imitate John Boyega, I wasn’t sure what he was trying to go for. Whoever voiced Han did a well enough job, but mostly I like that he still called BB-8 “ball”. That always makes me laugh.

Check out the episodes below and let us know what you think of them! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Star Wars news! Star Wars: Forces of Destiny will be airing on Disney XD till the end of the month.

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