The Internet has done their job and the Star Wars: The Force Awakens parodies are here! We have a George Lucas Version,  Michael Bay, Lego, Space Balls, Disney, Empire Strikes Back, The Phantom Awakens and I’m sure that there are many more Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens fan parodies out there still!

These trailers are pretty spot on with the intention of the style and tone they’re aiming for, but I’ll warn you the George Lucas version and The Phantom Awakens version may bring back some ugly feelings. Watching those conjured up an anger in me I thought I’d let go long ago. But nope! Mr. Lucas, Shame on you for your lapse!!! OK I’m fine. Focus on the new teaser…

Too soon.

1. Spaceballs


2. The George Lucas Version

3. The Lens Flair Version

4. The Michael Bay Version

5. Disney

6. Star Wars: The Phantom Awakens

7. The Phantom Awakens Version 2



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