One thing that all fans can agree on is that the Star Wars universe inspires some truly breathtaking fan art. This year at the Star Wars Celebration, an online art exhibit features some of this incredible work.

Pre-orders are sold out for most exclusive prints, and pickup is required in person, but all hope is not lost in seeing this work. For all fans who aren’t in Anaheim, we have the art in digital form for everyone to enjoy! Below, we ordered the art alphabetically by the artist’s last name. 

Reflective Power by Al Abbazia

Reflective Power Star Wars artwork by artist Al Abbazia.

This piece is one of the first I saw online, and it immediately drew me in. Al Abbazia is an artist from Brooklyn, NY, who resides in Orlando, Florida, with his daughter and two pups. Being a lifelong fan of Star Wars, Al is excited to be working with Acme Archives as an official Star Wars artist with Lucasfilm. Find more from Al Abbazia here!

Heart of the Rebellion by Steve Anderson

Heart of the Rebellion Star Wars artwork by artist Steve Anderson.

Steve Anderson has been an official Star Wars artist for Lucasfilm since 1993. His portfolio is broad and impressive, including licensed artwork for 10 Star Wars movies, The Clone Wars series, Star Wars: Rebels, The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, the Indiana Jones movies and Frozen. This piece has a classic feel, and though you have most likely seen his work somewhere else, you can find more of Steve Anderson’s work here!

Tensions in Mos Pelgo by Jonathan Beistline

Tensions in Mos Pelgo artwork by artist Jonathan Beistline.

Jonathan Beistline is an illustrator who loves drawing and sketching. His work is commonly centered around documentary illustration and on-location sketching to capture stories around him. Jonathan resides in Northern Colorado with his wife and kids. You can find more of Jonathan Beistline’s work here!

Max Rebo Live by Kate Carleton 

Max Rebo Live artwork by artist Kate Carleton.

Kate Carleton is a freelance illustrator who has worked for many companies and galleries on licensed properties over the years. Besides Star Wars, she also enjoys visiting theme parks and anything pop culture that she can consume. I love how stylized and bright this “live gig” inspired poster piece is! The wash of blue is so eye-catching even amongst the other art. You can find more from Kate Carleton here.

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A New Hope Darth Star Cross Section by Jason Christman

A New Hope Death Star artwork by artist Jason Christman.

Jason Christman, whose Instagram is here, had this to say about the piece:

“In the minimalist style I love so much, I capturing as many iconic moments in the Death Star into a single print is I could. I spent 3 years conceptualizing it and a full year developing it. From the boardroom to the trash compactor there is something in this print for every Star Wars fan to love.”

Punch it, Chewie! by Joe Corroney

Punch It, Chewie! artwork by artist Joe Corroney.

Joe Corroney has been professionally illustrating Star Wars artwork for Lucasfilm for more than 25 years. He says that this piece is his love letter to Solo: A Star Wars Story, and he hopes that we will get a live-action series base on it. You can find more from Joe Corroney here.

The Sun and Moon by Kaela Croft

The Sun and Moon artwork by artist Kaela Croft.

This tarot card-inspired piece by Kaela Croft is stunning. Using the sun and the moon to represent the duality of the Force and the duality of Rey’s lineage is brilliant. You can find more from Kaela Croft here.

A Night with the Max Rebo Band by Asia Ellington

A Night With the Max Rebo Band artwork by artist Asia Ellington.

A Night with the Max Rebo Band is a playful, jazzy, colorful depiction of the band performing at Jabba’s palace by artist Asia Ellington. She is a character designer and illustrator from the Bay Area, California, and currently works in TV Animation with studios including Disney, Netflix and Sony. I love her campy, retro style, and you can see more of it here!

Victory and Death by Danny Haas

Victory and Death artwork by artist Danny Haas.

Artist Danny Haas wanted to memorialize the closing events from The Clone Wars with this piece. The most remarkable thing about this artist is he’s an independent artist who’s worked with Acme Archives, Dark Ink Art, Disney’s WonderGround Gallery, Warner Bros Records, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox and Marvel. You can find more of Danny Haas’ work here!

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I’m Not In It For You, Princess by Karen Hallion

I'm Not In It For You, Princess artwork by artist Karen Hallion.

This piece pays tribute to the most prominent power couple in a galaxy far, far away. Karen Hallion has done licensed work for Titan Comics, IDW, Her Universe, Lucas, DreamWorks Studios, Disney and Disney Imagineering. You can find more from Karen Hallion here!

A Grand Army by Joe Hogan

A Grand Army artwork by artist Joe Hogan.

Joe Hogan has been creating licensed Star Wars art since 2010. He’s so excited to return to the Celebration Art Show for the third year to share his love of Clone Troopers with many like-minded fans. He’s in the right place cause I would know that face anywhere. You can find more from Joe Hogan here!

Date Nite at Black Spire Outpost by Brian Miller

Date Nite at Black Spire Outpost artwork by artist Brian Miller.

This piece by Brian Miller is a tribute to Black Spire Outpost and the original Date Nite at Disneyland poster by Brice Croskey. If my husband is reading this, please whisk me away to Batuu for a date night. You can see Brian Miller’s work here!

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away by Alex Mines

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away... artwork by artist Alex Mines.

Alex Mines pays tribute to the vistas of the nine Star Wars main franchise movies. It reminds me of the art for National Parks, and the vintage styles make it look timeless. You can find more from Alex Mines here!

The Senator’s Wardrobe by Dawn Murphy

The Senator's Wardrobe artwork by artist Dawn Murphy.

This piece looks so regal. Dawn Murphy pays homage to the artistry and craftsmanship of Padme’s costumes for Attack of the Clones. She’s had artwork appear in Star Wars Insider Magazine and the Celebration Art Show before. You can find her here!

Legacy in the Making by L. Jason Queen

Legacy in the Making artwork by artist L. Jason Queen.

I love the art we see about the series and not only the main movies. L. Jason Queen was the 2017 winner of Disney’s official Star Wars: The Last Jedi art contest, where his work was on the red carpet at the world premiere. You can find more of his portfolio here!

Beacon of Hope by Adam Schickling

Beacon of Hope artwork by artist Adam Schickling.

From the station of Princess to General, Leia was a beacon of hope across the galaxy that started for Journey for us all by calling out to one Obi-Wan Kenonbi. Adam Schickling pays homage to that legacy in that piece. You can find more of his work here!

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A Queen’s Light by Lin Zy

A Queen's Light artwork by artist Lin Zy.

I still remember seeing Queen Amidala for the first time as a child and being drawn to her gilded glory. Artist Lin Zy pays tribute to her hauntingly beautiful piece, a mix of watercolor and colored pencils. You can find more from Lin Zy here.

The Princess’ Gambit by Chris Trevas

The Princess' Gambit artwork by artist Chris Trevas.

Chris Trevas has been creating official Star Wars artwork for over 20 years. His piece celebrates the moment in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi just before the characters rush into Jabba’s Palace to save Han. His work is iconic, and you can find more of it here!

The Jundland Wastes by Malcolm Tween

The Jundland Wastes artwork by artist Malcolm Tween.

Old Ben Kenobi was a true driving force for Luke, especially in his death, but we rarely see art of him since he died early on in the series. Artist Malcolm Tween has worked with Lucasfilm since 2004, and recent projects include three sets of award-winning Royal Mail Star Wars special edition postage stamps. You can find more of his work here!

A Friend by Adrianna Vanderstelt

A Friend artwork by artist Adrianna Vanderstelt.


This piece captures a tender moment between Grogu and R2D2 with Luke looking on. Adrianna Vanderstelt is a commercial illustrator who creates Disney, DreamWorks and Star Wars licensed art. You can find her work here!

One Heart Divided by Ksenia Zelentsova

One Heart Divided artwork by artist Ksenia Zelentsova.

Finally, this last piece shows some Clone Trooper love, but this time for the Bad Batch. The direction of this piece makes sense for the artist Ksenia Zelentsova though, as her previous work includes for Star Wars includes illustrating The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark. Find more from her here!

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