Tonight on Star Wars Rebels, the Star Wars universe said farewell to a character. They had been building up to the confrontation some fans had been longing to see again. His story came to a true end tonight. I’m being vague so you have a chance to run before reading the spoiler. Ready?

Darth Maul, a character the live action universe said goodbye to in 1999, has finished his journey. The almost mute character grabbed fans attention with his double lightsaber and martial arts, setting him as a Sith villain we’ve never seen before. George Lucas killed him off in his movies but his animation padawan, Dave Filoni, brought him back. He featured prominently throughout The Clone Wars series and had been making several appearances in Rebels. Maul had been leading Rebels protagonist Ezra towards the dark side but his ultimate goal was to face his constant adversary, Obi-wan Kenobi. After a duel, Maul was defeated and ultimately died.

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The official Star Wars YouTube channel uploaded an In Memoriam for the character, going over his history albeit briefly. Quite frankly, I find it hilarious. They didn’t upload one of these for any other character but him. And while I understand that some fans will be truly upset by the loss, I for one think the video is funny for the absurdity of it. I had said my goodbyes in 1999 and am very okay with the character finally leaving. Except he won’t be because he currently has a comic run! Woohoo! Maul refuses to die ever!

What do you think of the death? Are you sad over Maul’s death or don’t care either way? Watch the video below and let us know what you think! Be sure to check back to Geek Girl Authority for much more Star Wars news.



The official Star Wars YouTube took down the video, probably in part to do with people complaining of spoilers. The video is still currently on their Twitter page.