Leave it to Reddit to come up with something this cool. This time with Star Wars.

The art below was posted on Reddit this morning. Call it a yearning to update the Star Wars from our youth (at least my youth) to a new series with the tone of BSG or Game of Thrones.

It’s timely for me because my husband and I were just having a conversation about this very thing last night. I had just seen an interview with Richard Dreyfuss where he recalled George Lucas, right before A New Hope was released, lamenting about the fact he made a kids movie.

I looked at this art this morning and it is wonderful. I love the idea, it’s intriguing, beautiful and amazing BUT, I am not a hard-core Star Wars fan. Would updating Star Wars into this gritty, newly imagined world take away the strong impact the original left in the brains of millions of children in the 70’s and early 80’s? If George Lucas hadn’t have made a “kids movie,” would there be the rabid fans that we have today?

If you’re a redditor and actually, even if you’re not, take a trip over to read the comments of Star Wars fans. It’s truly interesting and both sides have good points. Both sides also have assholes, so just skip over those comments.

Most of all, take a look at what this redditor put together and make sure to read the descriptions at the bottom. Whether you end up agreeing with him/her or not, it’s impeccably executed and visually stunning and, I’m going to say it, from the heart.

NOTE: If you guys don’t give a crap about this then skip to the end to see a fabulous photo of Jar Jar Binks getting elbowed in the face by a Stormtrooper. Sure to put a smile on your face.

I tried to find gritty Star Wars art


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