Rainn Wilson took to Twitter on Sunday to give a fans a little tease. He posted a picture of himself, flanked by green-skinned (Orion?) friends, with an announcement that Harry Mudd is coming back, and that Star Trek CBS is coming out with more information on Thursday. 

The assumption is that Wilson is referring to the much anticipated Short Treks, a four-part miniseries slated for air in the fall. Wilson is set to direct one of the shorts, which will center on Mudd. Other shorts will “feature Doug Jones’ character Saru as well as Mary Wiseman’s Ensign Sylva Tilly” according to Deadline. But, those shorts had already been announced at SDCC this year. They’re meant as companion pieces before the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery season two. So, could it be that Wilson is referring to a bigger Mudd bombshell?


So, keep an eye out. We’ll update you when this big announcement from CBS comes out on Thursday. What do you think it will be?  

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on CBS All Access in early 2019. 



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