• Netflix released the official trailer for Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2, which you can watch below. 
  • We know Kate Mulgrew will return as Kathryn Janeway. 
  • The second season will have 20 episodes, arriving this summer on the streamer. 

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 arrives for streaming on Netflix this summer. Now, thanks to the Prodigy Season 2 trailer, we know the second season will include the return of a beloved incarnation of a Star Trek: Voyager character: Tank Top Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew).

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Trailer

Jankom Pog, Janeway, Murf, Dal, Rok-Tahk, Gwyn and Zero pose in front of a sci-fi collage that includes the Voyager-A and Protostar. The Prodigy logo also appears, and "Premiering July 1 on Netflix."

Tank Top Janeway is far from the only exciting inclusion in the trailer. We also see the return of the entire young Prodigy cast. This includes Dal R’el (Brett Gray), Rok-Tahk (Rylee Alazraqui), Zero (Angus Imrie), Murf (Dee Bradley Baker) and Jankom Pog (Jason Mantzoukas). Furthermore, while we weren’t sure if she’d be part of the team after the events of the Prodigy Season 1 finale, “Supernova, Part 2,” the trailer confirms the return of Gwyn (Ella Purnell).

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In addition, we see additional confirmation that The Doctor (Robert Picardo) will play a seemingly significant role in the season. The return of Chakotay (Robert Beltran) is confirmed. Plus, at least one member of Janeway’s USS Dauntless command crew will also return: Tysess (Daveed Diggs).

Of course, the trailer teases plenty of new adventures for our heroes in Prodigy Season 2. It looks like we’ll definitely see an appearance by a Klingon. An unidentified Vulcan character in a Starfleet uniform can be seen in several trailer shots. As teased by the previous season’s finale, we can expect time travel to play a significant role in this season’s storyline. 

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Prodigy Season 1 introduced the young USS Protostar crewmembers to the Federation. However, the Prodigy Season 2 trailer teases a narrative in which the youngsters are faced with the organization’s imperfections. Will you be streaming in to see how it works out when all 20 episodes arrive on Netflix this July 1?

While you wait for Season 2, all 20 Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 episodes are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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