On July 1, all 20 episodes of Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 will arrive for streaming on Netflix. But what’s a Trekkie to do while waiting for the next batch of new Star Trek episodes?

For this week’s Trek Tuesday, we’re counting down the top 10 Prodigy Season 1 moments. Did we include your favorite? Be sure and let us know in the comment section.

Escape from The Diviner

In the very first episode of Prodigy, “Lost & Found,” we meet the crew of the USS Protostar. This includes self-appointed captain Dal R’el (Brett Gray), Gwyn (Ella Purnell), Rok-Tahk (Rylee Alazraqui), Zero (Angus Imrie), Murf (Dee Bradley Baker) and Jankom Pog (Jason Mantzoukas). Plus at the end of this episode, we meet Hologram Janeway (Kate Mulgrew).

All of this takes place as the crew is escaping from the clutches of The Diviner (John Noble). But given that the majority of Star Trek is centered on characters in Starfleet, it’s particularly interesting to see a cast of Federation outsiders take the stage. 

ANOTHER Janeway?

Hologram Janeway on the bridge of the Protostar from Star Trek: Prodigy

Make no mistake: the crew of the Protostar is stacked with engaging new characters. But Prodigy does right by its returning alums, too. It’s particularly interesting to see the path taken by the “real” Janeway. By this point in the timeline, she has been promoted to Vice Admiral.

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But this also means that Mulgrew gets to play multiple versions of the beloved Janeway. It’s clear that the actor relishes this opportunity. And for fans of Star Trek: Voyager, it’s a unique chance to see where the heroes of that series end up after returning to the Alpha Quadrant.

A Tale of Two Janeways

Speaking of multiple Janeways, having multiple versions of the legendary leader pays off big time in “Mindwalk.” This episode features loads of Star Trek conventions, like mind swaps, telepathic aliens and the static warp field bubble.

But the scene in question takes place close to the episode’s climax. After Janeway’s mind is swapped across ships and into Dal’s mind, she gets the chance to speak with Hologram Janeway. Given the events of “Supernova, Part 1” and “Supernova, Part 2,” it seems likely this will be the only conversation Hologram Janeway will have with the real Janeway. Fortunately, it’s a suitably memorable one.

Holodeck Horrors

Hologram Janeway controls the holodeck on the Star Trek Prodigy episode, "Ghost in the Machine"

The episode “Ghost in the Machine” gives the Protostar crew a chance to go where many Starfleet crews have gone before. That’s right: the malfunctioning holodeck.

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Through this episode, the youngsters aboard the Protostar are given the chance to navigate a holodeck on the fritz. This includes a homage to one of the greatest movies of all time: The Shining.

Murf’s Evolution

On the Protostar bridge, Murf runs towards Rok-Tahk as Jankom and Okona look on.

All five of the main crewmembers on Prodigy are younger characters, and still growing into themselves. But this is especially true of Murf. 

Murf is revealed to be a Mellanoid Slime Worm in “Asylum.” However, this is not the end of Murf’s evolution. In “Crossroads,” Murf hatches from a cocoon to reveal he now has appendages. Furthermore, his performance in “Masquerade” demonstrates that Murf is a formidable opponent in this new stage of his life cycle.

Dal vs. the Kobayashi Maru

Dal R'El in the Captain's Chair.

One-quarter of the way through Prodigy Season 1, Dal faces a serious challenge: the Kobayashi Maru. Originally introduced in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the Kobayashi Maru tests a captain’s ability to deal with an impossible-to-overcome challenge.

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In “Kobayashi,” Dal faces precisely that challenge on the Protostar‘s holodeck. In fact, he even almost prevails. Perhaps this is because he’s joined by some of Starfleet’s finest officers on the simulated bridge. Plus, he channels the classic rock stylings of Zefram Cochrane (James Cromwell) in the process. Now that‘s boldly going.


In the Prodigy Season 1 episode “Preludes,” we get an interesting anthology episode. As the ship undergoes repairs, the Protostar crew share their experiences leading to capture by The Diviner. Through flashbacks, we see corners of the Star Trek universe we’ve never witnessed before.

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Plus, this episode is the episode in which Vice Admiral Janeway begins to realize that the Protostar crew may not be antagonists after all. Furthermore, the title alludes to Chopin’s “Prelude in E Minor (Op. 28 No. 4).” Classical music and cartoons: an Earth-grown favorite.

The Outrageous Return of Okona

Okona talks to Dal, Hologram Janeway and Jankom on the bridge of the Protostar.

While Prodigy Season 1 introduces a whole new crew of Star Trek characters, there are some exciting returning characters, too. One of these is the outrageous Thadiun Okona (Billy Campbell). Years after his debut in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Outrageous Okona,” the character reappears in Prodigy. 

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However, Okona is no hero. At the end of “The Outrageous Okona,” it seems like he may have been misjudged. Maybe he’s not such a bad guy. But in Prodigy Season 1’s “Crossroads” and “Masquerade,” Okona ultimately ends up ditching the young and inexperienced Protostar crew at the first sign of trouble. That’s some pretty outrageous behavior, Okona. Maybe he’ll redeem himself in Prodigy Season 2.

Escape from the Time Loop

The episode “Time Amok” sees the crew of the Protostar embroiled in a classic Star Trek conundrum: a time loop. But this time, the crew faces a particular twist. While each of the five crew members occupies the same space, they are separated into different frames of time.

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Fortunately, Hologram Janeway is able to traverse the different temporal frames to carry messages from one crew member to the next. Ultimately, the Protostar crew handles this situation just about as well as the USS Discovery does in “Face the Strange,” and that’s saying something.

‘All the World’s a Stage’

Gwyn, Dal and Jankom join the Enderprizians in watching a Star Force performance on the Star Trek Prodigy episode, "All the World's a Stage"

In the scene-stealing instant-classic episode “All the World’s a Stage,” the crew of the Protostar finds a pre-warp civilization that has based their society on Starfleet. It turns out this is because the planet is the final resting place of the USS Enterprise shuttlecraft Galileo

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This episode also reveals the final resting place of Ensign Garrovick, from Star Trek: The Original Series‘ “Obsession.” But in Prodigy, the “En-Son” is played by Star Trek: Lower Decks alum Fred Tatasciore.

All 20 Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 episodes are currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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