The second official trailer for Star Trek: Picard season 2 dropped today, and it is amazing. While the new trailer definitely has Star Trek fans pumped, those with an affinity for Star Trek: The Next Generation are most definitely backflipping, frothing at the mouth, screaming out their windows, becoming pure beams of light — name the analogy, it was made so. 

Picard season 3 is bringing back two big bads and two big awesomes. Q (John de Lancie) and the Borg Queen (Annie Wersching) are returning to try Picard’s (Patrick Stewart) last nerve and get ready, Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) is in season 2 serving up that sound El-Aurian advice. (Remember almost exactly two years ago when Stewart appeared on The View and asked Goldberg to appear in season 2)? The second big awesome is Brent Spiner. Data is no more so who can he be playing? Perhaps Dr. Noonian Soong! (Cue TNG fans to drop on the floor and lose a few seconds of time).

Speaking of time, a trailer for Picard season 2 dropped on Star Trek Day in September and we learned that there would be time travel involved in the series’ sophomore season. After this new trailer, we still don’t know too much more than that but we definitely have plenty to speculate on. So, let’s discuss. 

“There are some moments that haunt us all our lives. Moments upon which history turns.” ~ Picard

At the beginning of the trailer, we see quick cuts including one of the Borg Queen then boom. Picard is with Q who says with his signature chaotic charm, “Welcome to the road not taken.” We see an Earth covered in some sort of hexagonal energy pattern and we also see that the La Sirena has gone back in time to 2024 most likely with Q’s interference. 

2024 is big in Trek canon. This is the year of the Bell Riots that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine so wonderfully covered in the episodes “Past Tense Part I and II”. In DS9, crewmembers went back in time to this period when a transporter malfunctioned. There was socio-economic strife where the homeless were segregated into camps, violent unrest and even more violent crackdowns. Without the Bell Riots and events that follow, there would be no Federation which makes the trailer even more interesting. 

In the new Picard trailer, the crew tries to figure out what to do in this time period. Picard knows just who to talk to about his time conundrum. Guinan. (Remember, she’s been on Earth for a long time now). He finds her, of course, in a bar where she is bartending. We also see Brent Spiner in his unnamed role. There are also some interesting quick shots such as a man with glowing eyes following Picard and a Vulcan doing a mind-meld with a child. 

What we didn’t see in this trailer that we saw in the last one, was more on the totalitarian aspect of the time period. You can check that one out, here

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 drops March 3rd on Paramount Plus. 

Star Trek: Picard stars Patrick Stewart, Jeri Ryan, Alison PillIsa BrionesEvan EvagoraMichelle HurdSantiago CabreraOrla Brady and Brent Spiner.



Audrey Kearns