Star Trek: Lower Decks‘ latest outing, “A Few Badgeys More,” is one of the season’s strongest episodes thus far. It’s a blast and a half, featuring the return of Jack McBrayer, Kether Donohue and Jeffrey Combs as Badgey, Peanut Hamper and AGMIUS, respectively. McBrayer really has fun in this episode, showcasing his vocal talents with two new characters: Goodgey and Logic-y.

Plus, we get a resolution for the mystery vessel arc and redemption plots for all three computerized villains. So much happens. Thankfully, the creative team balances this action well, so it’s not too overwhelming. We also get another mention of the Black Mountain and yet another Cosmic Koala appearance. Oh, and can we get more Boimler/Tendi and Mariner/Rutherford-centric plotlines? These pairings are a delight. 

Tendi hangs from a grappler while Mariner and Boimler watch in Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 Episode 7, "A Few Badgeys More."

L-R Jack Quaid as Boimler, Tawny Newsome as Beckett Mariner and Noël Wells as D’Vana Tendi in episode 7, season 4 of Lower Decks streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Paramount+

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite quotes from “A Few Badgeys More” in remembrance of poor Logic-y. RIP, little dude. You would’ve been BFFs with T’Lyn. Cerritos Strong! 

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BOIMLER: “He asked for me by name?”

RANSOM: “Well, kinda. He said, ‘the stringy ensign meat pipe’ who betrayed him.” 

BOIMLER: “Ha, joke’s on him. I’m a lieutenant junior grade meat pipe now.”

That’s right, our Boims (Jack Quaid) is officially a stringy lieutenant junior grade meat pipe now. AGIMUS won’t know what hit him. Boimy’s got that big promotion energy (BPE). Gotta love Boimler’s ability to turn virtually anything into a positive. Tendi’s rubbing off on him. 

LORD TYRANNIKILLICUS: “What I’ve come to understand is that instead of organics, what I really need to subjugate is … my feelings. … I have conquered self-doubt and seized personal growth!” 

Lord Tyrannikillicus (Fred Tatasciore) is such a great supporting character. I need an origin story for him. What did he do to wind up at the Daystrom Institute? The above quote cracks me up. I love the idea of a killing machine undergoing therapy to process their feelings. Now, imagine if everyone in real life went to therapy. Maybe we would know world peace…

Rutherford kneels to hold hands with Badgey, who smiles, while a Drookmani officer stands behind them in Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 Episode 7, "A Few Badgeys More."

Eugene Cordero as Rutherford in episode 7, season 4 of Lower Decks streaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Paramount+

RUTHERFORD: “I can’t let Badgey boop my friends to death.”

I don’t know, Rutherford (Eugene Cordero). Getting booped to death sounds significantly less scary than having your skin peeled off or someone amputating your limbs one at a time. What if a person could kill you by booping your nose? That’s a future A24 horror flick right there. 

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MARINER: “Badgey? If you didn’t really just accidentally turn into an omniscient god, you have to tell us.”

Mariner (Tawny Newsome) is all of us — uncomfortable with the idea of an AI transforming into an omniscient god. Plus, it’s only common courtesy for Badgey to disclose his potential new god status to those closest in proximity to him. Maybe one day, we’ll witness the fruits of Badgey’s universe. At least we’ll have Goodgey on the Cerritos. Goodbye, Badgey. Good luck being everything. 

What are your favorite quotes from “A Few Badgeys More”? Sound off in the comments below!

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