We all know that the cast of Star Trek: Lower Decks are some of the most talented voice over actors working today. For that reason, you may be accustomed to hearing their voices on other shows. But given the quality of their performances on Lower Decks, you may want to actively seek out other shows that feature their talents.

For this week’s Trek Tuesday, we’re surveying some of the other voice over roles performed by the cast members of Lower Decks. In addition, each of the Lower Decks voice alums who appear in this article have a secret shared item on their IMDB pages. Can you guess what it is before it’s revealed at the bottom of the article?

Tawny Newsome

The Pod Directive logo, a podcast hosted by two Lower Decks alums.

First up is Tawny Newsome, who plays Lower Decks protagonist Beckett Mariner. Newsome had appeared in guest starring roles in animated shows like Tuca & Bertie, Big Mouth and Strange Planet. 

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However, aside from Lower Decks, you may best recognize Newsome’s voice from the official Star Trek podcast, The Pod Directive. She co-hosts this show with Paul F. Tompkins, who plays Doctor Migleemo on Lower Decks. Plus, Newsome is known for her many live-action appearances, including on the Netflix series Space Force.

Noël Wells

June, May and Webby embrace in the Ducktales series finale.

Next is Noël Wells. On Lower Decks, you know her as D’Vana Tendi. As the first main Star Trek character to be an Orion, Tendi consistently takes us where no Trekkie has gone before.

Wells has appeared on many different animated shows. These include Wander Over Yonder, Elena of Avalor, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, DuckTales and American Dad!. And just like Newsome, Wells has also appeared in multiple live-action roles, too. In fact, you might even recognize her from more than 20 episodes of Saturday Night Live.

Phil LaMarr

DC Superhero Static Shock, voiced by Lower Decks alum LaMarr.

On Lower Decks, Phil LaMarr plays Admiral Alonzo Freeman, husband to Carol and father to Mariner. But in addition to appearing on Lower Decks, LaMarr is an extremely prolific voice over actor. He has played the role of Hermes Conrad on Futurama since 1999. Plus if you have watched any cartoons in the past three decades, you have heard his voice. Frankly, multiple articles could be written about his IMDB page alone!

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LaMarr has appeared in Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, American Dad!, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy and The Simpsons. He’s played multiple DC Comics heroes (including the title character on Static Shock) and has voiced myriad characters in video games. And you may recognize him from live action, too. Most notably, he played Marvin, the guy who gets shot in the face in Pulp Fiction. If you have Pulp Fiction, you probably remember this scene, even if you only saw the censored version on cable TV.

Dawnn Lewis

LaBarbara and Hermes Conrad on Futurama.

Next up is Dawnn Lewis, who plays USS Cerritos captain Carol Freeman on Lower Decks. Mother to Mariner and wife to Alonzo, Freeman is a defining Lower Decks character. Interestingly, Lewis plays LaBarbara Conrad on Futurama, wife to Hermes. So she and LaMarr play a married couple on multiple shows!

Just like LaMarr, Lewis is an extremely prolific voice over actor. She plays many, many roles on many, many seasons of The Simpsons, including Bernice Hibbert. In addition to her many voice over roles, Lewis is also a prolific on-screen actor, appearing in shows like The Boys. And she’s voiced characters in video games like Fallout 76, too. Plus, as previously mentioned in a Trek Tuesday column, she’s also a professional singer.

Craig of the Creek

The secret unifying IMDB entry for each of the aforementioned Lower Decks actors? Craig of the Creek! The animated Cartoon Network show is a great fit for Star Trek alums. This is because it featured an unapologetically diverse cast and addresses themes of friendship, unity and exploration.

On Craig of the Creek, Wells plays one of the main characters, Kelsey Pokoly. In the season 4 episode “Fire & Ice,” Kelsey is revealed to be queer, and begins dating her first girlfriend. Newsome plays Jasmine, the titular character’s cousin. Meanwhile, LaMarr plays Bernard Williams, Craig’s brother. And Lewis plays the mother of Maya, Brenda. These aren’t even the only Lower Decks alums on Craig of the Creek, either. Additional actors include Jessica McKenna (Barnes on Lower Decks), Lauren Lapkus (Jen) and Eric Bauza (various).

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Naturally, this is just a small fraction of the actors who appear on Lower Decks while also delivering Cali-class performances elsewhere in the animation sphere. Stay tuned for future installments of “Where Else Have I Heard the Lower Deckers” as we get closer to the Lower Decks Season 5 premiere!

All four seasons of Star Trek: Lower Decks are currently available for streaming on Paramount+. In addition, you can catch up with Craig of the Creek (and its spinoffs), which are currently available for streaming on Max.


Avery Kaplan