Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is the Star Trek movie to end all Star Trek movies.  No Kelvin timeline can ever dethrone it, and fans of the universe will love it for all time.  And, because it is so beloved, it’s getting screened in movie theaters across the country to celebrate it’s 35th Anniversary.  

Kirk and Khan clashed for the first time on the big screen June 4, 1982.   It was a much anticipated continuance of a conflict started on the series, and Ricardo Montalban will forever be known for that luxurious mullet and the way he uttered the name ‘Kirk!’.  

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These special, two-day-only, nation-wide screenings of Nicholas Meyer‘s director’s cut will feature an introduction by James T. Kirk himself, William Shatner.  You can go to and enter your zip code to find screenings near you.  Or, you can contact your local theater and cross your fingers.  

The 35th anniversary celebration screenings will be held at 2pm and 7pm on Sunday, September 10th and Wednesday, September 13th.  Not all theaters have advance tickets available for all screenings so get in there while you can.   I’ll be at my local theater, holding my hands over my ears so nothing can crawl in there.  Join me, won’t you?  Before we learn what project Genesis can really do?


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