You may already know about the many wonderful productions on the horizon. Picard has delighted fans, while updates keep reaching us about the third season of Discovery and the exciting spin-off Strange New Worlds. breaks down the 2019 teaser’s hints about Michael Burnham and the Discovery crew’s complicated situation 930 years in the future. In terms of the second upcoming show, it brings Pike, Spock and Number One back together on the Enterprise, 10 years before the events of the original Star Trek, which producers are working extra hard to link up to convincingly. All we can do until the shows actually air is watch for news – so here’s the next juicy morsel.

Star Trek: Discovery Score Back on Track

Composer Jeff Russo has officially confirmed that the music for season 3 is well on its way. The global situation became a challenge, but the Trekkie gang more than rose to the occasion, producing a distinctive feel to the familiar Star Trek score. Russo explains through that it all came down to having musicians make separate high-quality recordings and then combining and fine-tuning them. He assures us of the great results, if slightly different from scores typically recorded in the studios of Fox or Warner Bros. Thanks to Michael Perfitt, the sound engineer who almost won an Emmy for Fargo (2014), and the whole dedicated team, the project has been a success and Star Trek: Discovery is one step closer to our screens.

More Star Trek Treats


The hype is real and so is the entertainment industry’s mission to relight the Star Trek spark. Not that it ever went out! The franchise’s popularity has been strong enough to not only expand its fanbase over the years but also add more and more products to its name. The evolution of digital devices has made this process even more efficient, fun and varied. Apart from TV shows and movies, smartphone users have access to a range of gaming entertainment, from slots to MMOs. For example, the Star Trek title on uses characteristic visuals and sounds from the 2009 reboot. The theme alone gives its casual mobile gameplay a lot more oomph.

Then you have the likes of Android-based Star Trek Fleet Command combining galactic action with RPG strategy in a compact device. Want to prove yourself as a Starfleet officer? The video game industry has you covered with the simplest or most immersive experiences. Star Trek: Online is a great example of the latter. Available on PC, Xbox One and PS4, you have control of a ship and crew as you navigate a huge universe and defend against Klingon, Romulan and other threats of increasing difficulty. The frequent updates and close link to the franchise also brings lots of cool new features and, of course, cameos.

And, if you think Trekkies’ imagination ends at gaming, cinema or music, you’re wrong. Starfleet uniform details often find themselves on fashion lines and cosplay conventions wouldn’t be the same without Spocks all over the place. Even car designers have dreamt up futuristic vehicles that would fit right in a Star Trek movie. Given time and plenty of backing from hardcore fans, they may even appear on the streets one day.

The world is clearly more than ready for every next Star Trek production in the works – Discovery, Strange New Worlds and beyond. The best news of all is that this revival is due to the love and care creators have put into their projects, as much as the eagerness of the franchise’s fanbase. Whatever flaws you could pick out, one moving success after another paved the way for some very promising milestones for our beloved Federation.



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