Star Trek: Discovery is just a little over a week away and we’re getting excited over here at GGA.  Adding to the anticipation, Star Trek released some insight and a first look (and first hear) at ST:D’s main theme on it’s Youtube channel, Tuesday.  I’m not afraid to say it gave me chills.

Composer Jeff Russo speaks about his own excitement to get the call to compose music for the series.  He says, ‘My head exploded in that moment.’  And, you can feel his love of Star Trek in the music he wrote for ST:D.  He goes on, in the video, to lead a 60 piece orchestra in playing the main title theme for the new series.  In the very first notes, you can feel Star Trek.  Russo uses pieces of the original Alexander Courage theme intermittently with more modern music of his own invention. 

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Let’s face it, we all want to hear the Star Trek theme that we know and love.  Russo clearly recognized that, and maybe shared in that desire.  He does a beautiful job of merging the music we all need to hear, with music that represents the tension, drama, action and emotion that ST:D has promised us these many months, and then brings it all back home.  

Take a listen.  Star Trek: Discovery premieres September 24th.


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