• We have the home entertainment release date for Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 and the complete series. 
  • The home entertainment collection will contain several special, exclusive features. 
  • We don’t know yet which episode will feature commentary, but the series finale seems like a strong candidate. 

Let’s fly, Trekkies. The home entertainment release date for both Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 and the complete series collection has been announced. Here’s what we know so far about the impending arrival of both sets later this summer.

Discovery on Home Entertainment

Disco disc case for season 5 featuring key art from the final season.

The Complete Final Season collection.

Trekkies can’t get enough of Discovery. Fortunately, these fans will be thrilled to learn that The Complete Final Season home entertainment collection features more than two hours of special features.

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The Complete Final Season includes several special features exclusive to the home entertainment release. Perhaps most exciting of all is the episode commentary. While we don’t know which episode features the commentary, it seems like the series finale, “Life, Itself,” is a strong candidate. In addition, the collection will also feature several exclusive special features. These include a deleted scene, featurettes on “Being Michael Burnham” and “Character Development,” and a gag reel. The set will also feature a trio of featurettes previously released online: “Discovery: The Voyage of Season 5,” “A Team Effort” and “Discovery‘s Creative Force.”

Star Trek: Discovery: The Complete Series cover featuring Michael Burnham and the titular ship.

The Complete Series collection.

Arriving concurrently with The Complete Final Season is The Complete Series. This collection features all 65 Discovery episodes plus over 15 hours of bonus features. In addition, a special bonus disc included with The Complete Series promises “a never-before-seen journey through all five seasons with the cast and crew.”

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Both Star Trek: Discovery: The Complete Final Season and Star Trek: Discovery: The Complete Series arrive on home entertainment on August 27. The Final Season will also be available digitally on August 26. Will you beam up either when they arrive?

All five seasons of Star Trek: Discovery are currently available to stream on Paramount+.

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