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Comikaze – Los Angeles Convention Center. Adult Admission is $30 for a day pass – which is on the high end of Working Class Dweeb’s budget, but subscribe to their website and there’s still early bird offers for 10% off. Once upon a time, they had a Living Social deal that was insane, so keep that on the radar too.

This young fresh faced upstart convention (started in 2011) has a lot to offer. It’s close, it’s inexpensive, and it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Kids under twelve are already free, but on Halloween they can Trick or Treat!! I can’t wait to take pics of this. Dealers will be giving out treats and the small folk get to kid-party-hearty in a safe fun environment. What could be better?

wcb - r2s

It’s my third year and I love how this event is evolving. Comics are front and center and the artists are given plenty of elbow room. Not just in the Artists Alley, but all over the con. They had a Warren magazines forum last year (okay, I just dated myself) One attendee shared that she stored her Creepy, Eerie, and Vampy collection in a non working fridge to maintain pristine condition (think about it, it’s a pretty good idea, si no?)

Regina Carpinelli
Founder. President.Chairman of the Board. CCO of Comikaze
Gamer, Magic player, Gemstone Miner, and All Around Badass


“The show’s for everyone. It’s for the city. It’s for L.A. It’s for our community. So everyone should be able to get into it.” – Regina Carpinelli, ScreenCrave April 26, 2012

So come on down and bring the kids. Or loan me yours. I’ve got my Friday ticket.

(Currently, Comikaze doesn’t have a volunteer program. Why do I mention this? Because volunteering is my go-to jam for attending conventions. In the next week or two I’ll outline how to do that. It might seem early, but that’s how it works. Stay Tuned)

Parking: Why Bother? Get a round trip ($3) or day pass ($7) on the metro. Jump off at the convention center stop from the Expo Line.

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