Spooky season is upon us and everyone is looking to get into the fall mood. Maybe it’s decking your house out in pumpkins and Halloween decorations or maybe it’s watching your favorite scary movies. For me? It’s cuddling up in a warm blanket and rereading some of my favorite spooky Webtoon series. I love to be scared and the way these stories build up the suspense is perfect. Chef’s kiss. Not sure where to start? Here is a list of five spooky Webtoon series for you to check out!

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Iho hearing steps behind him in Delusion.

Iho hearing steps behind him in Delusion.

Hongjacga‘s Delusion is set in 1935 Gyeongseong. Struggling artist Iho Yun has been commissioned by the reclusive, elderly Madam Jeonghwa Song to paint a portrait. But when he finally lays eyes upon her, something no one else has done, he finds a young woman instead. He begins to question why she wanted him to paint her as an old lady. But what’s worse is a letter tucked between the previous artist’s tubes. It seems that no one has left Madam Song’s home alive or of sound mind. What is she hiding and what happens if Iho finishes the portrait?

You know this is going to be a spooky Webtoon when you get the notice before a chapter telling you the series contains adult themes and is for mature audiences. From chapter one Delusion lays out the suspense for us and only continues to build from there. Why doesn’t Madam Song leave her home? Why does she want him to paint an old photo? What horrors lie ahead for Iho? It’s impossible not to find yourself on the edge of your seat. This series is finished and you can get a free chapter every day!

Delusion can be read here!

See No Evil

Bonggang afraid his classmates will hate him if they know his secret in See No Evil.

Bonggang afraid his classmates will hate him if they know his secret in See No Evil.

From the minds of Gwangtanto and Maduru comes See No Evil. It follows Bonggang Choi, an ordinary college student with a pretty big secret. He has this special ability. He can read people’s minds. Bonggang worries that if others knew what he could do they would hate him. So, he prefers to keep mostly to himself and tends to ignore the things he overhears. That is until he reads the mind of Hun Jo, another student at his school. When he learns that Hun might have killed someone, Bonggang learns that he can’t close his eyes to evil forever.

The ability to read others’ minds has been a trope in all kinds of different genres, but I really love how it is the center of the story in See No Evil. It is understandable how Bonggang wouldn’t want to world to know his secret. The idea that people could react negatively to it is scary. However, the situation with Hun really opens up the conversation about the moral side of his ability. If you know that someone hurt or even killed someone, shouldn’t you say something? But how do you prove it?

See No Evil updates every Friday and can be read here!

Witch Creek Road

A demon talking with Sara in Witch Creek Road.

A demon talking with Sara in Witch Creek Road.

From Garth the Geek and Kenan Halilovic comes Witch Creek Road. It is a story that weaves together survival horror, love, acceptance, death and revenge. And you know it is coming to be good when the very first thing you see is the warning of blood, gore and violence. Of course, this is followed by one of the most gruesome scenes in a Webtoon series! Don’t worry no spoilers, but just know that this is true nightmare fuel!

Witch Creek Road isn’t for the faint of heart! It features some pretty mature content and some sexy flesh-eating demons. And they aren’t afraid to go a bit crazy on us. It fits everything I want in a horror story. There is an investing story of what is going on in this world. The characters have a bit of complexity without feeling trope – ish or cliche. And to top it all off. It’s scary. Definitely not a story I like to read in the dark at night. When all else fails – stay in the circle.

Witch Creek Road updates on Saturday and can be read here!

Third Shift Society

Ellie and Ichabod going against a supernatural creature in Third Shift Society Webtoon series.

Ellie and Ichabod going against a supernatural creature in Third Shift Society.

I’ve talked about it before, but I can’t get enough of Meredith Moriarty‘s Third Shift Society. Life can be really funny. One minute you are on top of the world and the next you are jobless, in debt and on the verge of eviction. Plus you’ve got a monster you need to go head to head with. Ellie experiences all of this and more alongside her partner Ichabod. Nothing says Paranormal Detectives like having to face off against all of the things that go bump in the night!

I really love this Webtoon. Third Shift Society isn’t a typical horror one but features all of the supernatural elements I love. And I honestly can’t think of one that screams fall more than the one that has a guy running around with a pumpkin for a head. Or on his head. Will we ever know? We’ve spent the last year waiting for season two and answers to these burning questions. And now – the wait is over! The series will return just in time for Halloween!

Third Shift Society comes back on September 30th and is currently set to update every Friday! You can read season one right here!

The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares

The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares Webtoon series.

The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares

Why have just one person tell a horror story when you can have various artists across Webtoon tell them! In The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares, we get the chance to experience different stories from the minds of some of our favorite series. I can’t say too much about this series without giving everything away, but it is well worth it. Over 23 chapters we have quite a few terrifying tales to enjoy! I am always hopeful that Webtoon will bring us a second series and more spooky stories to enjoy!

The Vault of Horror: A Collection of Nightmares is completed and can be read in full here!

This article was originally published on 9/29/21.

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