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The good men and women at Bad Ass Digest have some new spoiler-y fun for us to chew on. In celebration of it being one year until the release of DC/WB’s super massive blockbuster, they’ve given off a little bit more information. Not too long ago they got their hands on a copy of the script and have sat on it as best as they can, but sometimes you just have to give out a little something.

According to the site, Batman does not travel to Metropolis to confront Superman. Instead, much like in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, Superman flies to Gotham to take out Batman at the behest of the President because, at this point, Superman is a government stooge.

However, in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bad Ass Digest says, “Superman is no lackey of the government; if anything many of the world’s governments distrust the guy. But it is Superman who goes to Gotham and starts the confrontation… at the behest of Lex Luthor.”

Lex. Luthor. How is Lex able to convince the Man of Steel that Batman is the enemy that needs to be addressed? What is Lex up to?

But wait, there’s more. In Dark Night Returns, Superman initially confronts Batman with argument and conversation, trying to convince Batman to stand down, but Batman won’t hear it and he throws the first punch. However, in this version, it sounds like Superman lands in Gotham with his mighty, solar-powered fists. As the site claims, “Superman comes out swinging, pulverizing the Batmobile with one punch,” and then goes on to say, “…when the fight is over, Batman will be able to point to Superman and say, “He started it!”


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