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Marvel fans rejoice! First we learn that Doctor Doom is not the ruler of the Latverian country, but an angry computer programmer/internet troll. But the good news keeps rolling in! That’s right!

You know that one character called Spider-Man? And, remember how the boy behind the mask, Peter Parker, lives with his Aunt May?


Well how about we get a movie about her??!! Yes! Be wowed by how afraid of technology she is! Marvel at her love of Activia! Get ready, cause this hero is in bed by 8:30!

Actually, the rumor is that Sony, with their ears to the ground about what fans want, are looking to maybe make a spy thriller that chronicles Aunt May’s life pre-Ben Parker and that whole Spider-Man thing. According to Latino Review, it’s a movie about Aunt May as a youth, “before she was shouldered with the responsibility of raising Peter Parker. The target mood is some sort of espionage story in vein of AMC’s Mad Men…”


Fingers crossed we get an R-rated rom-com with the Vulture and Aunt May next!

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