Every year there are those that put a crackling fire from YouTube on their TV and just play it on loop.  While it may not provide any warmth, it also doesn’t require kindling, wood, or the mess of cleaning the fireplace and flue.  It also provides the fantastic noises of a cracking fire.

Well, Blizzard decided to go one step further and present you with a Hearthstone branded, Murloc carol singing, animated yule log.  Clocking in at almost an hour, you can celebrate the end of the year with a Winter Veil themed fireplace while those irascible Murlocs gently serenade you.  Seriously, that’s all their is to it.  During the almost 60 minutes you can watch as decorations, food, and weapons slowly appear.  Sometimes it’s the sounds of a cracking fire, sometimes it’s the sounds of sleigh bells, but the majority is Murlocs singing.  It’s about as frightening as you may expect.

Show your love of Hearthstone and/or Blizzard and possibly annoy your family with this festive video.

Stephanie Cookies
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