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A couple months ago, Marvel released a little movie called Captain America: Civil War into theatres worldwide, and then went on to gross $1.4 billion worldwide, $400 million in the domestic market alone. It is, by the way, still in theatres if you’re one of the twelve people on Earth who still haven’t seen it.


Eventually, like all movies, Civil War will see a home release from DisneyMarvel will for DVD/Blu-Ray and every person who saw the film will go buy it so they can freeze frame the entire airport fight scene between Ant-Man Giant Man and Spider-Man.


They’ll most likely also want to re-watch the 90-year old Steve Rogers kissing his now-dead old girlfriend’s much younger niece, Sharon Carter (Emily Van Camp) — sure, Rogers is filled with super soldier serum so he’s as young as he’s always been, but c’mon…

As with all modern home releases, there will be some special features. Well, the good people at Stitch Kingdom recently got a look at the proposed release for the film at the annual Disney Holiday Preview event held in New York City. They snapped a quick picture of the cover art and then went on to describe the special features.

Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE L to R: The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) and Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) Photo Credit: Film Frame  ©2016 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

Perhaps the special feature to get most excited about — a sneak peek at Marvel’s next big film, Doctor Strange. What magical, mystical secrets reside in that special feature? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The rest of the special features are all listed below.

• United We Stand, Divided We Fall — The Making of Captain America: Civil War – Part 1 & 2 – From skinny volunteer to backbone of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, chart Captain America’s journey through every decisive moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this complete behind-the-scenes look at a landmark in the Marvel saga.

• Captain America: The Road to Civil War — Explore the First Avenger’s fascinating evolution from loyal soldier to seasoned, conflicted hero who questions authority.

• Iron Man: The Road to Civil War — Tony Stark’s path has been no less epic or transformative than that of his friend and ally, Steve Rogers.

• Open Your Mind: Marvel’s Doctor Strange — Exclusive Sneak Peek — Go behind and beyond the scenes as Doctor Strange makes his journey to the big screen.

• Audio Commentary — With Directors Anthony and Joe Russo and the screenwriters.

• Gag Reel

• Deleted and Extended Scenes

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